Curry Leaves: 14 Health Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Benefits, Uses and Side Effects of Curry Leaves

Our kitchen stores many types of spices which we use not only to enhance food tastes but also in various medicinal/ health causes. Among them, Curry leaf is an important one.

Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves

Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves
Health Benefits Of Curry Leaf
  • Scientific Name of Curry leaf –Murraya koenigii”
  • Names of Curry leaf in Hindi – karipatta, Kata Neem, Mitha Neem etc.
  • Names of Curry leaf in English – Curry Leaf Tree, Curry Leaf, Curry Bush etc. 
  • Names of Curry leaf in Assamese – Bishahari, Narasingha
First, let’s know about the benefits of Curry leaf... 

14 Amazing Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves

  1. Benefits of Curry leaf in Weight loss

It is said that Curry leaves contains special elements like – Dichloromethane, Ethyl Acetate, Mahanimbine.  This element helps in weight loss, controlling cholesterol and Triglyceride (a kind of fat).

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  1. Beneficial in Anemia[1]

According to Specialists, Curry leaf has Anti-Anemia properties which effectively work in this health problems. Moreover, curry leaves are good source of minerals like- Calcium, Iron, Zinc etc. All these properties work to prevent this particular health problem.

  1. Helpful in Diabetes[2]

It is said that Curry leaves have hypoglycemia (Capacity to reduce blood sugar levels). This quality helps to reduce blood sugar levels and controls diabetes. On this basis, it can be said that regular consumption of this herb can reduce the chances of diabetic affects. 

  1. Benefits of curry leaves for liver[3]

Curry leaves have Tannin and Carbazole Aalkaloids elements. According to the specialists, these elements have heptoprotective properties which increase the capacity of liver. Along with this, curry leaves can also help in preventing Hepatitis and Psoriasis disease. 

  1. Prevention of Diarrhea[4]

Specialists say that the Carbazole Alkaloids element Curry leaves contain has a miraculous ability to prevent Diarrhea. This is why it can be said that a regular intake of this natural product can effectively work in keeping away the problems like Diarrhea.  

  1. Takes care of the Heart[5]

Curry leaf is a kind of herb filled with Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Anti Inflammatory qualities. This has been used for a long time to treat the cardiovascular disease in effective way. Moreover, this herb can also help to keep the heart healthy by controlling cholesterol.    

  1. Control of cholesterol[6]

The article mentions above that Curry leaves have Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory properties along with Vitamin C. In a research conducted in this regard, experts found that the use of this leaves has the potential to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. 

  1. Benefits of Curry Leaf in Preventing Infection

According to the experts, some of the nutrients found in Curry leaf oil also have Anti-biotic and Anti-fungal properties. This properties found here provides beneficial results in reducing the effects of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it can be said that the benefits of Curry leaf includes infection prevention

  1. Beneficial for Skin

The use of Curry leaf is also very beneficial for the skin. Its extract form – oil content is believed to have certain properties that help in removing burns (Inflammation) and Bacterial Infection. To get this benefit from the Curry leaf plant, the poultice made of its leaves can be used.

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  1. Take Special Care of Hair

According to experts, nutrients found in Curry leaf oil can also play an important role in hair care. Applying Curry leaf oil to the hair can strengthen the roots. Its regular use may help in hair growth.  

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  1. Benefits of Curry tree leaf to get Relief from Headache

Curry leaves are useful in headache. You can apply the paste made of Curry leaves and its flowers. It can ease your headache. 

  1. Curry tree leaf/Meetha Neem Benefits for Mouth Odor

If you have Mouth odor problem you can chew 2 to 4 leaves of Curry plant. It can push away the mouth odor problem.  

  1. Benefits of Curry tree leaf in Curing Cough Disorder

To avoid cough disorders take 5 to 10 ml Curry leaf extract mixed with the same amount of honey. It will help to cure the problem. 

  1. Curry leaves benefits for eye

Curry leaves brightens eyesight and reduces the chances of cataract. Curry leaves are rich in Vitamin A. The Vitamin A it contains has Carotenoids which protects the cornea and sensitive levels of the eyes.  

After knowing the benefits of Curry leaf, let us discuss about the nutrition it holds. 

Nutritional Value of Curry Leaves

Let us see how much nutrition a 100gm of Curry leaves contain. The elements are generally possessed by this leaf are listed below-

  • Calcium – 810mg
  • Phosphorus – 600mg
  • Iron – 3.1mg
  • Carotene (as vitamin A) – 12600IU
  • nicotinic acid – 2.3mg
  • Vitamin C – 4mg

How can you use Curry Leaves? 

You can apply various processes to include Curry leaf in your daily uses (Internal & External). 

  1. Use as Food
  • Use Curry leaves as a spice in your cooking to enhance the taste. In fact, this can be used in various dishes. Ex- Vegetable dishes, Pulse dishes, Sambhar rice and many more other dishes. 
  • You can also make spicy Chutney (Dip) of it. 
  • Curry leaves can be eaten as fritters (Deep fried snacks) and also used to garnish (Decorate) food.
  • Curry leaf juice can be consumed to prevent certain specific health conditions, but it is completely necessary to consult an expert before taking this juice as medicine. 
  1. Use for Hair
  • Applying Curry leaf in your hair is very much beneficial. The use on hair of this leaf can prevent problems like- hair fall, graying of hair, dandruff etc.  
  • You can use Curry leaf hair mask to obtain the beneficial effects of this herb.
  • You can heat up a generous amount of coconut oil adding some curry leaves in it and apply it in your hair roots when cooled.
  • Curry leaves can also be used to boil in water and wash hair with the same. 

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  1. Use for Skin
  • Curry leaf paste can be used to keep skin healthy.  You can boil water adding some curry leaves in it and use the same water to wash your body. It will help to prevent various skin diseases. Ex- Fungal infection.
  • Apply Curry leaf face pack to remove facial skin problems, such as- Acne, Dryness, Marks, Fine lines etc. Grind dried Curry leaf to powder; add rosewater, multani mitti (multani soil) and coconut oil in it and mix well to make a perfect face pack for you face.  
  • To reduce Blemishes and Acne, apply a mix of powdered curry leaf and powdered turmeric on your face. If you have fungal infections then mixes the same mixture with lukewarm water and apply it on your face as a face pack or poultice

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After knowing the beneficial side and uses of Curry leaf, let us know about the side effects/drawbacks of using this leaf.

Side effects/Drawbacks of Curry Leaves

There are no proven side effects of Curry leaf. But it can affect harmfully in case of excessive use and in some specific health conditions. 

  • It shows allergic effects on some people. In this case you should stop using this herb.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding woman should consult an expert before consuming Curry leaf as it can show some side effects in this health condition. In the same time, the excessive use of this leaf should be avoided. 
  • In some cases it is seen that the Curry leaf oil leads to hair fall by weakening the roots.

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Noted: There is no proof relating to the side effects of Curry leaf.


Now you must be well acquainted with Curry leaf. You must have known how to use it to get relieve from various health problems. This article also explains the benefits and side effects of using this herb. So if you are going to use this herb please read all the information mentioned above carefully in order to be on the safe side. We hope, this article will help you in different ways to overcome your health problems. Thank you!   


1) What if I eat curry leaves daily?

A- Chewing raw curry leaves or drinking a cup of curry leaf tea every day can prevent weight gain and reduce cholesterol in the body. It helps in cleaning the body by removing harmful toxins from the body.

2) Does eating curry leave prevent grey hair?

A- Curry leaf is one of the best remedies to maintain the pigment loss and graying. The curry leaves moisturizes the scalp and removes the dead hair follicles.  Curry leaves are a great source of protein and beta-carotene that prevent hair loss and thinning.

3) Is curry leaf good for skin?

A- Externally applying curry leaves rejuvenates the skin. It helps in dealing with common skin problems such as eczema, acne, breakouts, bacterial infections and many more.

4) Is curry plant toxic?

A- The plant produces tropical and subtropical small, aromatic, white flowers from which small, black, berry-like fruits are produced. The fruit is edible, but the seed is poisonous. Hence it is important to remove the seeds before consuming.

5) What does curry leaf taste like?

A- Curry leaves taste a little like as a Asafoetida, but it has a more herbal flavour, like a little basil or kaffir lime.

Disclaimer: The information included at HelthyLeaf is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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