16+ Benefits and Uses of Clove with Side Effects

Benefits and Uses of Clove – Side Effects of Clove, Scientific Classification of Clove

The world is filled with a large number (about 2,50,000) of plant species. And among them almost 80,000 species possesses medicinal qualities. The uses of these medicinal plants are based on folk believes continuing since ages. Clove is one of these kinds of medicinal spice. From early times, Clove has been used as medicine for the treatment of many types of disease. we are now discussing Benefits and Uses of Clove.

Benefits and Uses of Clove

Benefits and Uses of Clove

What is Clove?

Clove is a spice-like plant filled with evergreen shrubs. Clove has been used in Ayurvedic treatment and as a prevention of various diseases of the body since ancient times. Clove is one of the most beautiful spices found in the kitchens. It is rich in medicinal properties and cultivated as a spice. 

Where Clove Discovered?

Clove was originated in the island of Maluku, Indonesia. Since then, clove has been used all over the world. It was also found in China, Rome and Africa thousands of years ago.


Indonesia, Zanzibar, Madagascar have excessive production of clove. Moreover, this spice is also cultivated in South Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In fact, this particular spice is given a special place in Indian and other South Asian country’s cuisines.  


The flower buds of the Green clove are actually the part considered as Clove and used to consume. It tastes bitter. The Clove tree generally grows 30/40 feet tall. Clove tree leaves are long and green in color. The flowers of Clove are red in color and the flowers are clustered in the front of the branch. When the flower buds are grown to 1.5-2 cm long, they are torn from the tree and then dried in the sand to make them ready to use. 

Clove has different names across the country. They are-

  • Laung (Assamese)
  • Laung(Hindi)
  • Lobong(Bangla/Bengali)
  • Lavinga(Gujrati)
  • Labanga(Marathi)
  • Lavangam(Telegu)
  • Kali(Punjabi)
  • Labanga(Odia)
  • Gramapu(Malayalam)
  • Kirangpu(Tamil)

Other names of Clove- chengkeh , cengkih , chingkeh.

Scientific name of Clove- Syzygium Aaromaticum.

Clove (the useful spice in multiple diseases since ancient times) has various elements in it. About 100gm of clove contains- 

  • Fiber- 0.4gm 
  • Potassium- 1020mg
  • Protein- 6gm
  • Carbohydrate- 66gm
  • Vitamin A- 3%
  • Vitamin C-3%
  • Vitamin K- 4%
  • Sodium- 277mg
  • Calcium- 63%
  • Magnesium- 64%
  • Iron- 65%
  • Manganese-64%

These ingredients present in Clove protect the body from various diseases. The main reason for the unique smell of clove is the Eugenol compound present in it. Clove is generally 72/90% full of this compound. This compound also acts as a disinfectant. Other compounds in clove are Beta-Caryophyllene, Acetyl, Eugenol, Vanillin, Creta Lic acid.   

Clove (filled with medicinal properties) is one of the most used spices in the kitchen. To make different kind of dishes clove plays an important role. Using of this spice makes the dish aromatic and flavorful. 

Scientific Classification of Clove/Syzygium Aromaticum

  • Kingdom  : Plantae 
  •  Clade : Tracheophytes 
  •  Clade: Angiosperms 
  • Clade: Endicots 
  • Clade: Rosids 
  • Order: Myrtales 
  •  Family: Myrtaceae 
  •  Genus: Syzygium 
  • Species : S. aromaticum 
  •  Scientific name : Syzygium aromaticum

Benefits of Clove

লঙৰ উপকাৰিতা Benefits of Clove
  • Since ancient times, clove (syzygium aromaticum) has been used as Ayurvedic medicine.  Especially, to treat teeth diseases (ex- tooth ache, Gum infection etc.) clove oil is beneficial.  It also helps to get rid of mouth odor
  • Helpful in headache.  The paste of clove mixed with some salt can be applied on forehead to get relief from headache. 
  • Helpful for Earache. 2, 3 drops of clove oil can be spilled into ear to reduce the pain.
  • Helpful in treating problems related to the Stomach, such as- Stomach ache, Acidity, Indigestion, Gas etc. 
  •  Clove is useful when suffering from skin irritation. Clove oil helps to get rid of skin irritation if applied on the particular area of problem.
  • It can also help to control diabetes
  • Clove is anti-bacterial. Helps to destroy harmful bacteria in the body.
  • Also helpful in case of excessive sneezing and throat irritation. A person who is suffering from this can gurgle with the water in which clove is boiled/heated. 
  • Internal body pain like bone ache, muscle ache gets removed when clove is consumed.
  • Clove prevents vomiting tendency. Take clove with honey to get the beneficial e affect of clove in this particular case.
  • Clove helps to prevent hair fall and promotes new hair growth. 
  • Clove has the ability to fight back cancer. It increases the body capacity against cancer.
  • Clove is beneficial for the problems/diseases of liver.  The antioxidant (Eugenol) present in clove improves liver functioning. Prevents Psoriasis disease.  
  • It can also help to remove pimples and its marks. 
  • Clove is also beneficial for asthma and Alzheimer’s. To get the benefits you can boil water, put 5, 6 cloves and honey in it. Consume it when temperature reduces to room level. Taking this mix may help to control the disease. 
  • Clove is also beneficial for bile and other problems related to stomach like – Gastric.

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How to Use Clove

  • Apply clove oil in the roots of teeth to get relief from tooth ache.
  • Drink boiled water clove added in it when suffering from cough/sneezing. It will help to get relieved. 
  • Apply clove paste on forehead to reduce the effect of headache.
  • Taking a small amount of clove helps to improve digestion process.
  • In case of neck pain or throat irritation, boil some water adding clove in it, and gargle with that water. It will help to relieve the problem. 
  • In case of earache, spill 2 or 3 drops of clove oil in-ear to reduce the pain.
  • To prevent vomiting tendency, clove powder mixed with half spoon of honey is used to get benefited.

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Side Effects of Clove

In case of any disease/ health problem or disorder the preventive measures should be taken in a prescribed amount.  Excess intake of any herb/medicinal product may cause harmful effects on the body.  There are many advantages and benefits of using clove in various ways, similarly the medicinal spice also has some drawbacks-

  • Those who are pregnant should be careful in taking clove, as the excess amount of this particular medicinal herb may show harmful effects on the pregnant body. 
  • Those who are facing the problem of bleeding should avoid consuming clove. It may increase the amount of blood body releases.
  • Excessive amounts of clove consumption may cause liver damage


In this article, we discussed the Benefits and Uses of Clove/general characteristics of clove. Its history, the elements it contains its different kinds of names across the world, the areas of its cultivation, the uses, benefits, and also the drawbacks. We hope this article gave you a general idea of medicinal spice. 


1) What is Clove good for?

A- Clove is packed with antioxidants. These compounds help your body fight free radicals.  Free radicals damage your cells and can cause diseases. Antioxidants found in clove can protect you from heart disease, diabetes and some cancers by removing free radicals from your system.

2) Can I add clove into my soup?

A- Whole or ground cloves are used to enhance the taste of sauce, soup and rice dishes, especially in several traditional Indian dishes, and it is an important ingredient in popularly known ‘Garam Masala’.

3) Is it safe to eat clove during pregnancy?

A- According to experts, it is safe to take cloves during pregnancy if used as spices to taste food. This means that you can safely add it to your diet as a small amount of ingredients. It can be used in both the whole and powdered form.

4) Is ‘Pepre’ and ‘Clove’ the same?

A- Yes, ‘Pepre’ is a local name for clove in ‘Twi’ language. It is an African language spoken in the southern two thirds of Ghana.

5) Can clove cause miscarriage?

A- It is considered safe to use clove as a flavoring ingredient during pregnancy. However, it is not known whether the medicinal use of clove harmful or not for the unborn baby. So in such cases, you should discuss with your doctor once before using it as a medicine.

NOTE: As we mentioned above, every product of nature has both beneficial and damaging sides. So we suggest, if you are suffering from some kind of special body condition, any disease/disorder please be careful while taking this spice. For internal use of the products made from this medicinal spice, consult a specialist first.  


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