Pseudophakia – What It Is, Definition, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Pseudophakia may seem complicated, but it is a necessary treatment for a damaged eye. Pseudophakia Meaning Fake Lens. This is a treatment carried out in patients with no eye lens. This surgery is essential to see clearly if anyone has partial blurriness and vision problems.

Pseudophakia Treatment

Before getting any treatment, you must have some information about it. We have shared all the necessary details on Pseudophakia in this article. You can find the Pseudophakia Symptoms in this article to diagnose this disorder on time.

What is Pseudophakia?

Cataract surgery is the core reason why a patient needs Pseudophakia. During this surgery, the eye’s lens gets damaged, and his vision will get blurry. This Pseudophakia Treatment helps clear your vision by removing the damaged lens and replacing it with an artificial lens. (1)

Aging people can also have some problems with their eye lenses and will need Pseudophakia. It has been studied that in America, more than half of the people will need Pseudophakia over 80 years of age.

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Symptoms You Need Pseudophakia

Pseudophakia is a complicated treatment; not every person with an eye problem needs it. Often people who recently had some eye surgery, especially cataracts, have severe eye problems, which will Pseudophakia to resolve the issue. 

We have listed some symptoms that will be the Signs of Pseudophakia emergency treatment.

  • Cloudy and blurry vision.
  • The patient will find it difficult to see at night.
  • The colors will seem to fade if you focus longer on anything.
  • You will need extra light to see objects close up or to read something.
  • Eyes will be sensitive to bright light.
  • Patients will see double vision in the infected eye.
  • Require a change of eyeglasses or lens prescription after every short period.

What are The Causes of Pseudophakia?

A human is a sensitive part of the body. It requires proper care to be functioning for a lifetime. However, some people ignore its importance which ends up Pseudophakia for them. The major Pseudophakia Causes which make the person have Pseudophakia are discussed below.


Pseudophakia is a treatment to solve the problem of cataracts in humans. A cataract is a condition where the eye’s lens gets damaged, and the vision gets blurry. And hence the lens is removed with cataract surgery.

As the cataract cause removal of the lens hence eye cannot focus on any object. And to solve this issue, Pseudophakia is required.


By aging, a person develops many vision problems. One is protein clustering in the lens, which blurs the vision. Also, for a person aged over 80, cataracts become very common. His lens is damaged, and he will require Pseudophakia.

Pseudophakia causes the replacement of the lens, which has been damaged by aging. And the vision will get clear through this treatment.

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How is Pseudophakia diagnosed?

By Pseudophakia Symptoms, we can discover that there is some problem with our eye. But to ensure the problem requires Pseudophakia, there are tests that we must run. These tests will help in the Pseudophakia Diagnosis. The three primary diagnosing techniques are mentioned below.

  • Lamp Exam is easy to diagnose Pseudophakia. Harsh light will be placed on your eyes, and the doctor will see how your eye reacts.
  • Your doctor will carry out the Retinal Exam. He will dilute your pupils with some drops to examine your eye. He will examine your retina with some device and identify whether you have a damaged lens.
  • Vision Test is a common test to diagnose any eye problem. You will try to read the letter from a distance with one eye closed.

The Treatment Procedure of Pseudophakia

The main mission of the signs of Pseudophakia surgery is to replace the eye’s damaged lens. There are three options: remove the damage and replace it with an IOL or artificial lens.


As mentioned in the name. There will be a laser that is used to break the damaged lens of the eye. This technique is very safe, and the cataract or damaged lens is removed quickly. The surgery only takes 20 minutes. 

Minor Cut

A minor cut will be done in your eye, and some waves will be passed through that cut. The lens will break down, and the surgeon will remove the broken pieces of the lens. The surgery can take some more time than the laser one.

Cataract Incision

The doctor will make a major cut in your eye during this surgery process. The whole cataract or damaged lens will be removed as it is, and an artificial lens will be placed.

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How Long Does Pseudophakia Last?

It is a common question Is Pseudophakia Curable? And the answer is yes. Pseudophakia can cure your eye problem by about 90%. The effect of this treatment can last for a lifetime. Most patients don’t require any other surgery after Pseudophakia Treatment.

But the effect of Pseudophakia depends on your lifestyle. Pseudophakia either helps with vision problems related to close-up objects or far objects. You might also need to use glasses.

Risks Involved in Pseudophakia

Every major surgery requires great precaution. If you don’t take precautionary measures, side effects and complications are always possible. Some of the Pseudophakia Complications are discussed below.

  • The lens can be placed in the wrong place.
  • The lens can change its position reappearing the blurriness.
  • Swelling in the retina is also possible.
  • Infection in the eye.
  • Redness and swelling in the Pseudophakia Eye.
  • The treatment hasn’t treated the vision problem completely.

These complications ad side effects are only possible if you don’t follow the doctor’s prescription. If you identify any of these problems, immediately get medical attention.


Eye diseases and disorders are common nowadays. And with the technology and blue light devices, there are high risks of developing some eye diseases. We must have regular checkups with our doctor and never use any medication for the eye without the doctor’s consent.

Pseudophakia is an excellent treatment for cataracts and other lens-related problems. We must get this treatment immediately after the doctor suggests it. The Pseudophakia Symptoms mentioned in this article will help you diagnose your eye problem at their initial stage.

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