Baking Soda Benefits in Curing Various Health Conditions

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Baking soda, also known as ‘Sodium Bicarbonate’, is an ingredient required for baking. It is used to give food such as biscuits, cake, muffins, and cookies a soft texture and to make them puff.

baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical ingredient that contains Sodium cation (NA+) and Bicarbonate (HCO3). It is mostly seen as a fine powder with alkaline flavor and mild salt. Its natural form is called baking soda Nahcolite, a natural mineral Natron that is widely seen to dissolve in many mineral springs. Sodium bicarbonate salt is also known as other local names such as bread soda, cooking soda and bicarbonate of soda.

Benefits and Uses of Baking Soda 

Sodium Bicarbonate is a salt that forms sodium and bicarbonate in water. This breakdown makes a solution alkaline, meaning it is able to neutralize acid. For this, sodium bicarbonate is often used to treat conditions caused by high acidity in the body, such as heartburn etc. People take baking soda by mouth to clean the intestines, poor kidney function, indigestion, exercise performance, high potassium in the blood, stomach ulcers and remove urinary stones. People are seen applying baking soda to the skin for inflammation in mucus covering digestive tract, psoriasis, dental plaques, dirty removal from ear, eczema, insect bites or stings, infertility etc.

The following parts of the article discuss the health benefits of Baking Soda and other things related to it.

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Health Benefits of Baking soda

  1. Treats Acidity

Baking soda is highly appreciated for its amazing inactivation properties. Acid reflux is a common problem that causes stomach acid to return to the esophagus that can cause irritation in the esophagus and cause chest irritation. sodium bicarbonate helps in neutralizing stomach acid secretion, reduces stomach swelling and reduces symptoms of acid reflux and indigestion problems. Add 1/4 teaspoon baking soda to 250ml of water and eat it to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux.

  1. Cures Insects Bites

Baking soda is a natural alkaline factor that can soothe redness when applied locally to your skin, reduce pain and reduce inflammation, itching and sharpness caused by any insect bite. Moreover, counter creams and lotions used to cure insect bites are fully backed.

To cure insect bites you only need to mix 1 teaspoon baking soda with 4 teaspoons of water, make a paste, moisten a cotton ball with this mixture and apply it to the infected area.

  1. Treats Urinary Tract Infection

Baking soda is a natural inactive that works well to remove toxins from the kidneys and protects against urinary tract infections (UTI). It reduces acid levels in urine, reduces symptoms of UTI and helps the body fight bacteria that cause infection. Add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda to 1 cup of water and eat it on an empty stomach to reduce UTI symptoms.

  1. Dental health

Evidence strongly supports that toothpaste containing baking soda can significantly thwart tooth decay, remove tooth plaque and maintain your gums and mouth in good health. Washing the mouth with baking soda is a wonderful remedy for the pain caused by canker sore in the mouth. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 150ml of water and wash thoroughly to cure the canker sore and relieve toothache.

  1. Treats Gout

Strong alkaline properties of baking soda are strong to neutralize stomach acid secretion by improving the level of alkalinity in the blood, maintaining blood PH and reducing uric acid levels. According to a study published in the American Society of Nephrology journal, it has been revealed that kidney dispersion rate among baking soda patients has decreased considerably, thus increasing kidney health. Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 glass of water to ease the symptoms of gout and reduce uric acid levels and eat it twice a day.

  1. Prevents Cancer

The PH level sat inside our body is extremely important for our health – all our organs work best in a particular PH. Keeping it around the rules (7.365) is important to keep our body healthy. It is thought that cancer cells develop in more acidic conditions. Since baking soda is alkaline, it can help bring acid levels back to normal.

In addition, it has been recently discovered that baking soda can actually help identify cancer cells, as it converts into carbon dioxide when exposed to them (this change can be looked at in MRI scans).

  1. Improve kidney function

As we just mentioned, soda bicarbonate can help detoxify the kidneys, thereby improving their function. Kidneys are tasked with filtering waste products within our bodies, the importance of which should never be underestimated. 

  1. Remedy for Sunburn

Bathing with a few tablespoons of baking soda will help rejuvenate the skin overexposed to the sun. Try to do this as soon as possible after you realize you are burned to achieve the full effects. You can repeat it every day until your sunburnt skin comes back to normal.

  1. For whitening teeth

Baking soda is a popular home remedy for teeth whitening. Many studies have shown that toothpaste with baking soda is better for teeth whitening and plaque being removed from toothpaste without baking soda. This is possible because baking soda has mild frictional properties that can break the bonds of molecules that stain your teeth. It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which can help fight harmful bacteria.

  1. Treat skin problems

Using baking soda can keep your face clean.  It acts as a mild exfoliate to remove dead skin, clean pores, and dry pimples and acne. Baking soda is antibacterial, so it can help prevent breakouts. Try mixing it with honey or olive oil for homemade skin scrubs that are mild enough for your face and entire body.

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Uses of Baking Soda

Baking soda is used in a variety of baking foods such as biscuits, cake, muffins, cookies and breads. Baking soda can also be used on the skin to solve skin problems.

Side Effects of Baking Soda

You may face side effects when you over consume baking soda. 

  • Applying it for a long time to your teeth can reduce tooth enamel. 
  • Excessive sodium can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, as well as more serious problems such as seizures and kidney failure. 
  • When using it as an antacid, it can actually worsen GI problems if it produces too much gas. 
  • Alarmingly, in rare cases, consuming it after eating a large meal can lead to GI perforation. The National Capital Poison Center suggests sticking to safe products like Tums. 
  • Because of its sodium content, you would like to check with your doctor before taking it if you have high blood pressure.

It should be used in the right quantity keeping in view the benefits and disadvantages of baking soda as excessive use of any product can harm our health. The above mentioned information is provided only for general knowledge based on the information. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using baking soda in medicinal fields.

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Through the above article, you must have got a brief knowledge about the benefits of Baking Soda and other related important information. This information may benefit you in various ways. 

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1/ Can you eat baking soda?

A. Yes, it is a popular ingredient in recipes, especially the ones that can be eaten with the baking material made by it. It can also be consumed as antacid.

2/ What are the benefits of eating baking soda?

Ans: The primary benefit of eating soda is temporary relief of indigestion or heartburn. There is also evidence that it can reduce muscle fatigue during athletic training.

3/ What are the benefits of drinking baking soda and lemon water?

Ans: Excessive stomach acid can cause uncomfortable symptoms, such as heartburn, vomiting, and indigestion. Many people with excess stomach acid take Over-the-counter (OTC) antacids to relieve their symptoms. Consuming baking soda and lemon juice together can neutralize the stomach acid in the same way as antacid.

4/ What happens when you eat baking soda and water?

Ans: Eating baking soda with water reacts with acid in your stomach and turns it into water, salt and carbon dioxide. Due to its alkaline properties, baking soda can help soothe nausea and indigestion symptoms. Ideally, your stomach is expected to be less PH.

5/ Can baking soda cause high blood pressure?

Ans: The side effects of using too much baking soda can be associated with holding salt, including increased blood pressure and bloating.

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