Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D health

What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D (also known as calciferol) contains a group of fat-soluble secco-sterols. Two main types of this Vitamin are D2 and D3 (both vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 can be commercially synthesized and found in dietary …

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Green Tea – 13 Ways Benefits Your Health

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea – Uses, Health Benefits, and Side-effects Green Tea is nutritious tea. Green tea was first consumed in China. According to legend, it was discovered by Emperor Shenzong of China in 2737 BC1. Later, Chinese monks started drinking green …

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15 Incredible Benefits of Eating Jackfruit

jackfruit benefits

Jackfruit Health Benefits, Plant Description, Medicinal Properties, Various Regional Names, Scientific Classification, Various Uses, Possible Side Effects and FAQ Introduction  Jackfruit is a large oval shaped nutritious fruit. Jackfruit plants are native to tropical Asia and are widely cultivated throughout …

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14 Medicinal Benefits of Black Salt

black salt benefits

Black Salt Health Benefits, Medicinal Properties, Types and their Description, Various Beneficial Uses, Possible Side Effects and FAQ What is Black Salt? One of the most used ingredients in our kitchens is Salt. An excellent form of this salt is …

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12+ Medicinal Uses and Benefits of Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit benefits

Dragon Fruit Health Benefits, Medicinal Properties, Plant Description, Various Uses, Nutritional Value, Possible Side Effects and FAQ What is Dragon Fruit?  Dragon fruit is a juicy nutritious fruit packed with various health beneficial properties. It is a plant belonging to …

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