Keynote 522 – Trial, Stage, Causes, Chemo Regimen & Treatment

Cancer is one of the most dangerous health problem humans has ever faced. Even after many years and multiple research, complete cancer treatment hasn’t been discovered. Cancer types like breast cancer are becoming common, and most patients don’t have access to medicines.

Science and the medical industry develop discoveries now and then. Recently a new technique has been discovered called Keynote 522 Chemo Regimen. We will discuss this regimen in this article in detail. Make sure to read the blood completely not to miss any details.

Keynote 522 chemo

What is Keynote 522?

For treating breast cancer, a very common technique used is neoadjuvant chemotherapy. But scientists have discovered that if this chemotherapy is combined with Keynote 522, the results are much better for the patients.

Keynote 522 is a recommended clinical trial to increase the efficiency of Pembrolizumab plus neoadjuvant chemotherapy. With Keynote 522 Overall Survival rate of the patient gets raised a lot. 

Keynote 522 is a very advanced and new treatment, and few studies have been done on this treatment. But this treatment is completely safe and approved to use for cancer patients.

In Which Stage Keynote 522 is Used?

Even though the signs and results of using the Keynote 522 Trial have been very positive, it has a protocol that should be followed. Not every patient can get the Keynote 522 Clinical Trial. Mostly this is used for stage 3 breast cancer patients.

Some other stages of breast cancer in which Keynote 522 is used are mentioned below;

  • Early TNBC: Patients in the early triple-negative breast cancer stage get this Keynote 522.
  • Adjuvant TNBC: Patients with TNBC who have a higher risk of cancer recurrence get treated with Keynote 522.
  • Metastatic TNBC: metastatic TNBC patients, means those who are not responding to any other medical treatments, are treated with Keynote 522.

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Working on Keynote 522 Trial

The Keynote 522 Trial shows that the patients have higher chances of recovery when chemotherapy is added with Pembrolizumab. However, the exact workings of Keynote 522 on the human body aren’t fully understood.

Some theories show how Keynote 522 improves cancer treatment. We have discussed the important points below:

  • Keynote 522 has two most important parts one is Pembrolizumab and chemotherapy.
  • The Pembrolizumab helps in identifying the cancer cells and stops eth PD-1 proteins. This keeps the cancer cells out of the immune system.
  • However, chemotherapy is responsible for killing the cancer cells. 
  • With Keynote 522 Breast Cancer treatment, the Pembrolizumab helps identify the cancer cells in the body.
  • Then, the chemotherapy easily kills the exact cells affected by cancer.

When chemotherapy and Pembrolizumab work together in the Keynote 522 treatment, the patient has a higher percentage of Pathological Complete Response (PCR). 

What Causes Patients to Get Keynote 522?

Keynote 522 is not a common cancer treatment; every patient should know in which condition he can get this treatment. One of the most common causes in which patients will require Keynote 522 Trial is triple-negative breast cancer.

We have listed some conditions in which patients are suggested to get the Keynote 522 treatment. You can ask your doctor for further information.

  • A high-risk early-stage triple-negative breast cancer patient is always the priority to get this treatment.
  • The TNBC patient not responding to cancer treatment will require the Keynote 522 Trial.
  • Metastatic Melanoma, a skin cancer type, is treated with Keynote 522. This cancer type infects multiple body parts of eth patient.
  • The head and neck cancer affecting the patients’ head and neck can be treated with Keynote 522.
  • The cancer of lymph nodes, especially Hodgkin Lymphoma, is treated with this Keynote 522 technique.
  • A very rare skin cancer type Markel Cell Carcinoma is usually treated with Keynote 522. This is a very aggressive skin cancer type.
  • Keynote 522 will be provided with chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer patients.

We all must know that Keynote 522 is not a treatment for every cancer type. There are only a few cancers that can be treated with this technique.

Medicines with Keynote 522

The Keynote 522 is a complicated treatment consisting of different medications the patient has to take. These medications serve a separate function and are very important for eth complete Keynote 522 Schema.

We discussed the four basic parts and medicines included in the Keynote 522 treatment.


This is the most important medicine. Among all the other cancer treatments, Keynote 522 Pembrolizumab is the main difference. It blocks the PD-1 protein. And stops the cancer cells from evading the immune system of the patient.

Pembrolizumab also helps in identifying the cancer cells in the patients. By distinguishing the exact cell-causing cancer, it becomes very easy or chemotherapy to kill those cancer cells.


Chemotherapy is the next session of medication that the patient has to take. The main goal of chemotherapy is to kill the cancer cells. In Keynote 522, the cancer cells identified by Pembrolizumab are killed with chemotherapy.

In chemotherapy, the patient is injected with certain medications and chemical that directly infects the cancer cells. Even if the patient is not taking Keynote 522 Clinical Trial, chemotherapy is the core requirement in every cancer treatment.


With the Keynote 522, there are some possibilities of side effects. Doctors cannot risk any possibility of risk in the cancer patient, so they use corticosteroids to control the possible side effects in the cancer patient.

It is impossible to eradicate the danger of side effects in cancer treatment. But with the help of corticosteroids, the intensity of Keynote 522 side effects like fatigue and rashes get very low.


Getting an infection is very typical during cancer treatment. Even this is a very common side effect of cancer treatments as well. During the Keynote 522 Regimen Schedule, patients can get infections, and antibiotics are used to control that.

The use of antibiotics is just a safety precaution for any possible infection. The use of antibiotics depends on the condition of the patient. Doctors must identify which type of infection patients might have and then use the antibiotics accordingly.

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Treatments with Keynote 522

Along with the major medicine in the Keynote 522 treatment, some other treatments can also help with the whole cancer treatment procedure. We have discussed the major classes of treatments doctors recommend to their patients.

We must highlight that a professional doctor must approve all of these treatments. So don’t take any pills or medicine without asking your doctor first.

Medical Treatment

We have discussed the main components of the Keynote 522 chemo Regimen in detail above. The four major parts of the Keynote 522 are the medicine used during cancer treatment. 

We have shared the common brand name medicines doctors suggest to patients with Keynote 522. Make sure to never take these medicine on your own. Ask your doctor before taking any medicine.

  • Keytruda
  • Tecentriq
  • Taxotere
  • Paraplatin

Ayurvedic Treatment

Keynote 522 is a major cancer treatment, and no such studies display the importance of Ayurvedic medicine along with Keynote 522. But some Ayurvedic medicines can be used to deal with the possible side effects of Keynote 522.

It is highly suggested to ask your doctor before taking any medicine, whether it is branded or Ayurvedic. Some of the Ayurvedic medicine doctors allow patients to have during eth Keynote 522 are:

While taking the Ayurvedic medicine with the Keynote 522 patient has to follow some protocols. We have shared some of the eth tips below;

  • The patient should try to take Ayurvedic medicine on an empty stomach
  • It would be best to take small doses early and gradually increase the dose with the doctor’s consent.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol with Ayurvedic medicines
  • Drink plenty of water
  • If you experience any side effects, stop taking the Ayurvedic medicine and report it to your doctor.

Exercise Treatment

There are no specific exercises that have been proven helpful for Keynote 522 patients. But doctors and specialists suggest their patients be active and exercise daily. The patient can start their exercise routine with some general exercises like:

The patient should start with light and low-intensity exercises and can gradually carry on with intense workouts. You can also ask your doctor to create an exercise plan for you.

How Effective is Keynote 522?

After the study on Keynote 522, it’s been discovered that this treatment is far more effective than regular chemotherapy. The patients have a higher percentage of pathological complete responses and longer event-free survival time with Keynote 522. 

Pathological complete response or PCR is when the cancer has been treated completely, and all the cancer cells from the body have been removed and killed. And event-free survival is the longest period when an ex-cancer patient has no cancer-related health condition.

The Keynote 522 PCR Rate is 42%, far higher than the regular chemotherapy, which is only 19%. And the event-free survival time of Keynote 522 is around 75 months, while any other cancer treatment, including chemotherapy plus placebo, is about 57 months.

All the figures and facts prove that Keynote 522, in which Pembrolizumab and chemotherapy are used, is much more effective than normal therapy. Patients can ask further questions from their before starting this treatment.

Is Keynote 522 Approved?

As we have mentioned earlier, Keynote 522 is a very new and updated treatment for cancer, so most people are unaware of this. Even some patients doubt this treatment is legal or approved by the authorities.

So we must clarify that Keynote 522 is completely legal and approved by the FDA for patients with early-stage triple-negative breast cancer. Keynote 522 Approval was in July 2021. This treatment has been used since then.

Along with Keynote 522 triple Negative Breast Cancer, this treatment is also used to treat other types of cancers. Keynote 522 is approved to treat Non-small cell lung cancer, head and neck cancer, and Hodgkin Lymphoma as well.

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Cost of Getting Keynote 522

Keynote 522 is a much-updated treatment, and not every institute offers this treatment. Due to less availability of Keynote 522 and high demand, the cost of getting this treatment is extremely high.

The Keynote 522 consist of different dosages and infusion. And hence the price of this treatment will depend on eth doses and infusion the patient requires. How each infusion of Keynote 522 can cost up to 10,000$.

The price is exceptionally high, and not every patient can afford this treatment which is very sad. But there is a possibility that in the future, this treatment will become more common and cheap for every cancer patient to afford.

Insurance Companies Policies on Keynote 522

The insurance of the patient also affects the cost of Keynote 522. But some insurance companies have some policies regarding the Keynote 522 treatment. The main points of these policies are mentioned below:

  • Patients should be prior diagnoses of cancer in their medical reports.
  • The patient should try other treatments before getting eth Keynote 522.

If the insurance company isn’t financing your Keynote 522 treatment, you can get help from the drug manufacturer or government programs.

Keynote 522 Side Effects

All of the cancer treatments have very major effects on the body. Keynote 522 is also a very critical cancer treatment, and there are some effects it will have on the patient’s body. These could be side effects of just the reaction to your medication.

We have discussed some of the major side effects and changes a triple-negative breast cancer patient can face while getting Keynote 522 treatment.

  • Skin Reactions: Getting skin reactions is very common with Keynote 522. Patients might get skin rashes and marks on their hands and face, which also causes itching.
  • Nausea: Patients during the Keynote 522 treatment can have nausea and vomiting. Doctors usually prescribe some medications to stop vomiting.
  • Diahhroe: this is also a common side effect of Keynote 522 treatment. The patient should drink plenty of water to deal with this side effect.
  • Fatigue: Getting cancer treatment is very tiring and will cause extreme fatigue in the body.
  • Low Appetite: Due to the cancer treatment patient’s appetite gets very low. He barely eats anything during the Keynote 522 treatment.
  • Weight loss: Due to the loss of appetite and fatigue in eth body, the patient gets very weak and loses a lot of weight. The medicine is also very strong, which causes weight loss.
  • Constipation: A cancer-treating patient usually has abdominal problems. Having constipation while getting Keynote 522 is very common.

Severe Side Effects

In some cases, the Keynote 522 also causes severe side effects. Even though these cases are rare, patients should know the dangers. We have shared some of the possible side effects of Keynote 522 Pembrolizumab treatment.

  • Autoimmune Reactions
  • Colitis (Inflammation of Colon)
  • Hepatitis (Inflammation of the Liver)
  • Hypophysitis (Inflammation of Pituitary Gland)
  • Neuropathy (Inflammation of Lungs)
  • Pneumonitis (Nerve Damage)

The severe side effects mostly get diagnosed by the doctors when the patients are getting the treatment, so it isn’t dangerous. However, you should report to your doctor about your condition from time to time.

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Cancer is a critical disease, and a cancer patient must be aware of the safety measures necessary for his health. And when a woman gets Keynote 522 Trial, he must follow the preventions and safety measures doctors suggest.

We have shared some of the important preventions of Keynote 522 that every patient must follow.

  • Use the antibiotics suggested by your doctor to deal with eth skin infections and rashes.
  • Get regular checkups with your doctor. Let the healthcare provider monitors you’re healthy and treatment regularly.
  • Immediately report to your doctor if the patient sees any side effects during the keynote 522 treatment.
  • Get your Keynote 522 Update from your doctor and be aware of your treatment.
  • For cancer patients, rest is very important. Keynote 522 can be very tiring. You will need a lot of sleep.
  • Ask your doctor to make a diet plan for you. Follow a healthy diet plan and only eat healthy food items.
  • The patient should try to distress himself and never be tense about his condition. Meditation can help patients’ distress.
  • Sometimes doctors suggest breast cancer patients get therapy to be ready mentally for the treatment.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keynote 522?

Keynote 522 is the treatment for early-stage triple-negative breast cancer. The patient is treated with Pembrolizumab and chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells in the body.

Is Keynote 522 Safe?

All health treatments, especially cancer treatments, have some side effects so does the Keynote 522. But these side effects are not life-threatening, and Keynote 522 is a comparatively safe breast cancer treatment.

Does Insurance Cover The Expense of Keynote 522?

Every insurance company has a separate policy about the Keynote 522. You can ask your insurance company about their policy for Keynote 522 treatment. You can also get financial help from drug manufacturers and government programs.

Bottom Line

Cancer is one of the most complicated and dangerous humans have ever encountered with. But luckily, with the advancement of technology and medicine, new techniques are discovered every day. 

This Keynote 522 is a great cancer treatment. And Keynote 522 Breast cancer treatment is more effective than most cancer treatments.

All the results and studies show the significance of Pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy, and the Keynote 522 PCR clearly shows how effective it is. We highly recommend our readers consult about this treatment with your doctors.

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