17+ Incredible Benefits of Almonds – Medicinal Properties, Uses, Side Effects

Incredible Benefits of Almonds – 17+ Amazing Health Benefits, Medicinal Properties, Uses, Side Effects


Almonds are one of the fruits that are included in our diet as a memory booster. Apart from the regularly consumed peanuts, there are many other types of nuts found all over the world such as; Cashew nut, Almond, Walnut, etc. Among all these types of nut, almond is used widely for its health benefits. Almonds help our body in various ways to nourish and prevent various diseases. There are two common types of Almonds, one is sweet and the other is sour. This article will give you a brief overview of Almonds and how they contribute to protecting the human body.

Incredible Benefits of Almonds

Incredible Benefits of Almonds - Medicinal Properties, Uses, Side Effects

Scientific Classification of Almonds

  • Kingdom : Plantae
  • Phylum : Angiospermae
  • Sub-phylum : Rosids
  • Order : Rosales
  • Family : Rosaceae
  • Genus : Prunus
  • Species : dulcis
  • Scientific Name : Prunus dulcis

Distribution and Cultivation Process of Almond

Almonds were first found in Iran and its toothed countries. Later it spread to the Mediterranean region and then to Europe, California, South Africa and other regions of the world. Almonds are cultivated in all parts of India, mainly in Punjab and Kashmir with a large production. Assam also has its production of Almonds from areas like – Shonitpur, Darang, Barpeta, Nagaon and in some parts of CharChapori.  

Cold and dry climate is suitable for Almond cultivation but some amount of warm air is required to ripen the fruit. Alluvial soils are suitable for this process. It is cultivated in large areas. Right PH level of about 7-8.5 is an important factor for well grown almonds and its cultivation. Almonds are best grown in well-drained deep sandy soil. The cultivation is usually done by 6 to 1 year old seedlings and transplanting them. 

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Almonds can also grow with many other methods such as cutting, seedling etc. but with these methods the plants are less likely to mature. Usually, 1x1x1m (length x width x height) sized holes should be dug into the ground and required amount of organic fertilizers like – cow dung manure earthworm manure should be added. The best time for planting is December and November. The spacing between the holes should be 6 meters and the rows should be 7metre distance from each other. The land of cultivation should get proper irrigation to make the plants grow well. It starts bearing fruit within 3 years of planting. 1-2 tons of production can be expected from per hectare of cultivation.     

Nutritional Value of Almond

Almonds contain many nutrients which are beneficial for our health. These include carbohydrates, fat, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, etc. Almonds contain 4% of water, 22% of carbohydrates, 21% of protein, and about 50% of fat. The USDA estimates the nutritional value of almonds per 100 grams. It is mentioned below –

Table I: Nutritional value per 100 g (Source: USDA Food Data Central)

Nutritional Value of Almond
Nutritional Value of Almond

Medicinal Properties and Benefits of Almonds

  1. The benefits of Almonds are seen in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the human body. 
  2. Regular consumption of Almonds can reduce the risk of catching heart diseases.
  3. Almonds are capable of controlling the sugar level in the blood. This is one of the main benefits of almonds that can be seen in the case of diabetic patients. The magnesium content carried by almonds is the main factor behind this. 
  4. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which is filled with Antioxidants and helps to prevent cancer and other heart diseases.
  5. Almonds are a good source of protein and fiber which helps to prevent obesity.
  6. Benefits of almonds are seen in keeping eyes healthy.
  7. Almonds act as a memory booster.
  8. Almonds contain a bio-chemical substance called Flavonoid which can reduce the ageing symptoms of skin and can help in keeping it rejuvenated. 
  9. Almonds can be consumed as a resisting remedy for Anemia. It is rich in mineral salt.
  10. Benefits and importance of almonds are notable for the nervous system of the body. The magnesium content it carries helps in this case.
  11. Almonds also help to maintain bone strength.
  12. Consuming almonds can remove pimples and dark circles from skin.
  13. Almonds are beneficial in case of hair fall and graying of hair. 
  14. Consuming almond mixed with milk, it will keep your body energetic and improve mental concentration.   
  15. Almonds contain folic acid which is very beneficial for the female body.
  16. Almonds can improve the immunity system in the body of pregnant women. It contains vitamin E which helps in the growth of the baby in the womb. 
  17. Almon also help in indigestion. This nut contains phosphorus which helps the body to maintain a good PH level.

How to use Almonds

  1. Almonds can be eaten directly or you can soak them in water overnight and eat it the next day. Generally, consuming 100grams of almonds a day is a healthy amount and also beneficial for health.
  2. Nowadays, almond milk is widely popular and used as a substitute for cow milk. It is very beneficial for the body.
  1. Like almond milk; there is plenty of almond oil which is popularly used for cooking and also to apply on skin and hair for its health benefits.
  1. Almonds can be prepared at home by mixing it with other dry fruits, healthy herbs and chocolate for consumption purposes. It is believed to be a healthy nutritious food for the body. 
List of Almonds Products

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Harmful side effects of Almonds

  1. For people suffering from allergic problems, almonds can cause side effects. This allergic reaction includes symptoms like – itching, redness of eyes, watery eyes, throat inflammation etc. 
  2. Infected almonds contain a compound called Aflatoxin which causes cancer or increases the risk of cancer.
  3. A study report published in 2017 says, people who consume almond milk for a long time face iodine deficiency in the body.
  4. Consuming almonds for a really long time may lead to increased Hydroxy Amic Acid, respiratory problems and weakening of the nervous system.  
  5. Regular consumption of almonds for a long time can increase Calcium Oxalate in the body resulting in the increased risk of kidney stones. 

Almonds are good for our health. In the same way, excessive intake of it can cause danger to the body. If it is consumed according to the advice of doctors and experts in a certain amount, it will show good results in the body and less likely to cause any harm. In addition, the market value of almonds is somewhat higher. The higher demand of almonds for business purposes makes it a good income source.  


From the above article, you must have come to know about almonds till now. The article included the elements, chemical and medicinal properties, usable aspects, benefits and side effects of almond. We hope the information the article carries will help you with different ways in various health issues. Thank You!  

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