Ibrance Palbociclib – Uses, Cost, Dosage, Side Effects, Breast Cancer Treatment

Ibrance Breast Cancer Treatment

Humans have been interacting with many diseases and disorders over time, but Cancer has been the most dangerous among all these diseases. This disease has affected millions of people, and doctors have yet to find a complete cure.

New techniques and treatments for Cancer are discovered now and then. And we will discuss the Breast cancer treatment called Ibrance Palbociclib in this article. We have compelled a fully informative article, so make sure to read it completely.

ibrance breast cancer treatment

Introduction to Ibrance?

Ibrance is a medication manufactured by Pfizer and was approved in 2013. Ibrance Pfizer is not a chemotherapy treatment, and it doesn’t kill the cancer cells in the patient. It is more like a growth prohibitor for cancer cells.

The main goal of Ibrance is to block the protein action that helps in the growth of cancer cells in the body. Mostly Ibrance is given with some other medications. This drug will be used once or twice daily based on the patient’s health and age. The best way of taking the medicine is by following the doctor’s prescription.

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Working of Ibrance

Ibrance is a targeted therapy for Cancer. This means that Ibrance medicine acts as the prohibitor in the human body, which blocks the growth and further division of cancer cells. However, the Ibrance doesn’t kill the cancer cells themselves.

We have explained the working process of Ibrance below:

  • For cancer cell division, a very enzyme is needed, which is called CDK 4/6.
  • CDK 4/6 enzyme helps in the growth and division of cancer cells. 
  • The Ibrance Cancer Treatment helps block this CK protein.
  • With the protein blockage, the growth of breast cancer cells stops, and the disease doesn’t spread further in the body.
  • The Ibrance is usually given with a combination of some additional medications like aromatase inhibitors.
  • The additional drugs help improve the Ibrance performance and reduce the risks of potential side effects.

What Stages of Cancer Require Ibrance?

It is important to know that Ibrance is not for every cancer type. Most of the time, only breast cancer patients are prescribed the Ibrance, but even for those patients, there are specific requirements. 

If the patient has a specific breast cancer stage, only then the Ibrance Medication is prescribed. Otherwise, traditional treatments like chemotherapy are used. We have shared the four main stages, which are treated with Ibrance.

  • Advanced Breast Cancer: In this type, the cancer cells infect other parts of the body as well and can spread to bones, lungs, or liver.
  • Hormonal Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer: This type of Cancer is a hormonal receptor. This means hormones estrogen and progesterone that the patient produces help cancer cells to grow and divide.
  • HER2 – Negative Breast Cancer: HER2 protein is responsible for the growth of cancer cells in the body. The HER2 – negative breast cancer doesn’t have much HER2 protein.
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer: This type can spread to distant body parts. It is very important to deal with metastatic Cancer as early as possible.

How Much Do Ibrance Costs?

The Ibrance is a very updated and new cancer treatment, and that’s why it is quite expensive. The 21-capsule pack of Ibrance Palbociclib Price can range from 13,000$ to 13,500$. However, this price can be lower with insurance.

A patient with commercial insurance doesn’t need to pay a single dollar for getting the Ibrance Treatment. The manufacturing company also has a Pfizer Oncology Together Ibrance program, offering patients free medication. You can apply for this program if you don’t have any insurance.

Doses of Ibrance 

The Ibrance medication is available in multiple doses quantities. The dose a patient needs depends on her age, the severity of breast cancer, and the capability of the patient to deal with the dose quantity. 

The doctor ensures the patient is strong enough to take the Palbociclib Drug. The available doses of Ibrance are listed below.

  • Ibrance 125 mg
  • Ibrance 200 mg

The most common dose doctors suggest to most patients is the Ibrance 125mg. The dose can be changed if the doctor sees any benefit.

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Is There a Generic Ibrance?

The Ibrance is a brand name drug, and it does have a generic version but not in the United States. In the USA, Ibrance Generic Versions can be available after 2034. Until then, patients can only get the Ibrance manufactured by Pfizer.

In the generic Ibrance, you can also get lower doses like the Ibrance 75mg and 100mg. The active ingredient in the generic and brand name Ibrance is Palbociclib. However patient cannot take generic Ibrance on her own. She has to ask the doctor before taking the generic version of Ibrance.

How to Take Ibrance?

Following the doctor’s prescription is as essential as getting the treatment for the disease. The Ibrance also has specific protocols that the patient has to follow while getting the Ibrance Breast Cancer Treatment.

We have shared the guidelines patients need to follow while taking the Ibrance. You can ask for further details from your doctor.

  • The Ibrance is only available in the pill the patient takes orally.
  • You need to swallow the capsule as it is, don’t chew or break it.
  • Patients can take Palbociclib Drug with or without, but taking it with an empty stomach is recommended.
  • You can take the Ibrance tablets 1 to 2 hours before eating.
  • The patient needs to take two doses of Ibrance. One will be in the morning and the second in the evening.
  • If a patient has skipped her dose, she should take two pills simultaneously. Instead, skip your past dose and take your next dose as scheduled.
  • A patient who is pregnant or breastfeeding cannot take Ibrance.

Treatments Associated with Ibrance

Ibrance is a critical treatment, and patients with breast cancer require all the necessary care and precautions. So the doctors ensure that the Ibrance Hormone Therapy is also effective and safe.

So the doctors recommend some additional medication and treatments along with the Ibrance. We have discussed those treatments below.

Medical Treatment

Ibrance 100mg is a drug that has possibilities of many side effects. That’s why doctors combine some medications to lower the side effects possibilities and other risks. Also, the medications help improve the Ibrance effects and make the treatment easier and quicker.

We have shared some of the medications doctors recommend to breast cancer patients. Also, ensure you are not taking drugs without asking your doctor first.

  • Aromatase inhibitors
  • Anastrozole
  • Exemestane
  • Fulvestrant
  • Letrozole

Ayurvedic Treatment

While getting the cancer treatments patient needs some medication to keep her strength. However, brand-name and generic drugs can have side effects. So patients prefer to use Ayurvedic medicines.

These Ayurvedic medicines can help with the treatment by enhancing the effects and reducing the side effects. We have listed some of the Ayurvedic medicines below.

Exercise Treatment

Almost all cancer treatments have very severe side effects on the body. Patients usually get tired and prefer not to do any activity, which isn’t right for the patient’s health at all. Doctors prefer to do some exercises while getting the Ibrance Chemocare.

Also, the exercises have to be light and not very tiring. Some of the activities you can do are listed below.

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Water Aerobics

How Effective is Ibrance?

Ibrance is an updated treatment for breast cancer. It is a targeted therapy drug which means it impacts the cancer cells. It stops the protein that helps the cancer cells to grow; hence the cancer cells don’t divide or grow anymore.

This treatment tends to be highly effective. The progressive free survival time of Ibrance is 9.5 months which is way more than any other cancer treatment. Ibrance ICD 10 also shows how effective and trusted treatment this is.

 Ibrance is a very trusted and effective drug, and it will be more beneficial in the future when the prices go down. The range of PFS of this treatment is so great that it should be available to every breast cancer patient.

Possible Side Effects of Ibrance

Like any other cancer treatment, Ibrance has potential side effects. The patient must be aware of these side effects so she can take the necessary steps when diagnosed with any adverse effect.

Ibrance Palbociclib Side Effects are listed below in detail. If you see any of these side effects, you should immediately report them to your doctor.

  • The Ibrance can cause severe fatigue and body pain. The body gets very weak and tired during the therapy sessions.
  • Liver damage is a common side effect of Ibrance.
  • Bone marrow suppression is a severe side effect of Ibrance. 
  • White blood cells get lowered due to the Ibrance Cancer Treatment.
  • Ibrance can cause internal bleeding as well. That’s why patients should get regular medical checkups.
  • Diarrhea and nausea are common effects of the Ibrance medications.

Bottom Line

We believe patients should be aware of the treatment before starting it. That’s why we have compelled this article and discuss all the information about the Ibrance in detail. Treating breast cancer is very serious; patients should know all the possibilities before starting the process.

We also recommend our readers to consult with their doctors. Ask them in detail about the Ibrance Uses, possible side effects, etc. The more information you have, the better it will be for you. Also, take any medicine without asking your doctor first.

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