Do You Know What Benefits Hot Water Carries for You?

Hot Water Benefits, Medicinal and Curing Effects, Health Effects, Recommended Temperature, Possible Disadvantages and FAQ

Water is essential for all forms of life. Since the primary species spread from the ocean to live on land, one of the keys to survival has been preventing dehydration. Important adaptations transcend different species including humans. Without water, humans can only live for days. 

hot water benefits

The infant body is 75% water of its weight and 55% in case of elderly people. Water is essential for cellular homeostasis and life. 

Benefits and Disadvantages of Hot Water 

Drinking water is vital to keep the body healthy and hydrated. However, consumption of hot or lukewarm water can benefit you more than cold water. Some people claim that hot water especially helps improve digestion, relieves congestion, and can even promote relaxation compared to drinking cold water.

According to some studies, many people felt benefited after drinking hot water, especially in the morning or at night just before going to bed. 

This article brings you the benefits of drinking hot water and related information.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

  1. Digestion

When a person drinks less than the required water, the small intestine absorbs most of the water from the consumed food. This leads to dehydration and makes bowel movement difficult. Chronic dehydration can lead to chronic constipation associated with it. This constipation can make the stool painful and cause other problems, including hemorrhoid and swelling.

Drinking hot water helps break down food faster. It reduces the risk of constipation by helping regular bowel movements.

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  1. Body Detoxification

Experts argue that hot water can help detoxify the body. When water is hot enough to increase a person’s body temperature, it can lead to sweating. Sweat cleans out toxins from the body and can help clean the pores.

  1. Improved circulation

Hot water is a vasodilator, meaning it expands blood vessels, improving circulation. This can help relax the muscles and reduce pain. While no study has directly linked hot water to the continued improvement in circulation, even a brief improvement in circulation can support better blood flow to muscles and organs.

  1. Relieves Pain

Hot water improves circulation and can improve blood flow, especially to injured muscles. No research has directly linked the use of hot water to pain relief. However, many people regularly use heat packs and hot water bottles to reduce pain. Drinking hot water can provide some internal pain relief, but it is important to note that heat can also increase swelling.

  1. Fights Cold and Improves Sinus

Heat applied to sinus can reduce stress caused by cold and nasal allergies. Steam helps to open the sinuses. Drinking hot water can help mucus move faster. This means that drinking hot water can provide you relief from such situations.

  1. Weight Loss

One study found that drinking hot water instead of cold water can lead to weight loss. Researchers found that drinking 500ml of water before meals increases metabolism by 30 percent.

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  1. Reduces stress

A comfortable cup of hot water can help people control stress and anxiety. An old study has found that consuming hot liquids (such as tea and coffee) can reduce stress and reduce anxiety. The study argues that some of the effects are caused by caffeine, but temperature also played a role in improving mood.

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  1. Central Nervous System 

Hot or cold, not getting enough water can negatively affect your nervous system, eventually affecting mood and brain function. Research has shown that drinking water can improve the functioning of the central nervous system, as well as improve mood. This research showed that drinking water increases brain activity during claimed activity as well as reduces their self-reported anxiety.

  1. Relieves Constipation

Dehydration is a common cause of constipation. In many cases, drinking water is an effective way to prevent constipation. Staying hydrated helps in softening the stool and makes it easier to pass. Drinking hot water regularly can help keep your bowel movements regular.

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  1. Keeps you hydrated

While some evidence shows that cold water is best for hydration, drinking water at any temperature will help keep you hydrated. The Institute of Medicine suggests that women should drink 2.3 liters of water per day and men 3.3 liters per day. Those figures include water extracted from food like fruits, vegetables, and anything that melts. You need more water if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, engaged in rigorous activity, or work in a warm environment.

  1. Achalasia

Achalasia is a condition where your esophagus has trouble taking food to your stomach. People with Achalasia experience trouble swallowing. They may feel as if the food gets stuck in their esophagus rather than going into the stomach. It is called Dysphagia. Researchers are not sure why, but an old study has found that drinking hot water can help people with Achalasia digest more comfortably.

Are there any side effects of drinking hot water?

The primary risk of drinking hot water is getting hurt by burning. Drinking hot water at a temperature that you can easily touch with your finger can also burn your tongue or esophagus. A person should avoid drinking water that is near boiling temperature. Drinking hot water in insulated cups can reduce the risk of water leaking and burning.

Having caffeinated coffee or tea can make a person over-caffeinated or upset.

A person can prevent it by limiting the coffee or cup of tea they consume, or using normal hot water instead of caffeinated drinks.

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What is the right temperature of hot water to consume?

Hot drinks, such as coffee or tea, are often served at boiling temperatures. It is not necessary for a person to risk burning to gain the benefits of hot water. People who dislike hot water should consider drinking a little more water or at body temperature.

A study reported a maximum drinking temperature of 57.8° Centigrade for coffee. This temperature reduced the risk of burns, but still provided pleasant benefits of hot water or drinks.

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The article above highlights the benefits of drinking hot water. People who are looking for a simple method to improve their health can benefit themselves from consuming hot water.

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1) How does boiling protect tap water?

A- Boiling destroys microorganisms like bacteria, viruses or protozoa present in tap water that can cause diseases. Boiling protects the tap water microbial ally.

2) How long should I boil water?

A- Let the tap water boil completely, boil it for at least a minute and let it cool before using.

3) Can I boil water in the microwave?

A- Tap water can be boiled in the microwave in a microwave-protected container provided; let the water boil completely for a minute. Place a microwave-protected utensil in the container (heating on a boiling point without forming steam or bubbles) to keep the water from overheating.

4) Do I have to boil the tap water used to make drinks?

A- Yes; Boil all the tap water you use to make coffee, tea, soft drinks or juices. In addition, water from all taps used to make ice for use should be boiled.

5) What are the benefits of drinking hot water?

A- Drinking water, hot or cold, keeps your body healthy and hydrated. Some people claim that hot water can especially help improve digestion, relieve the crowd, and even increase relaxation compared to drinking cold water.

6) Does drinking hot water reduce belly fat?

A- Taking enough water can clean away toxins from the body and increase metabolism. Also, drinking a glass or two glasses of warm water in the morning can be helpful in reducing your weight and belly fat.

7) Why do Asians drink hot water?

A- According to Chinese medicine advice, balance is a key, and hot water is considered essential to balance cold and humidity; In addition, it is believed to help in blood circulation and release of toxins.

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