Lemon Oil – 9 Health Benefits, Uses, and Side-effects

Lemons are one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world and are widely used in cooking to aid digestion. These add a pleasant flavor and aroma to the food. Moreover, lemon juice is one of the most popular drinks in the world as it is very healthy and delicious.

Benefits of Lemon Oil

The health benefits of lemon oil include the ability to prevent skin disorders, hair conditions, stress disorders, fevers, infections, asthma, obesity, insomnia, stomach problems, and fatigue. All these benefits of lemon oil can be attributed to its stimulating, uplifting, or cleansing, carminative, anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, and antifungal properties. (1) This article discusses the health benefits of lemon oil.

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Health Benefits of Lemon Oil

1. For skincare 

Your skin responds well to antimicrobial agents and lemon essential oil, is known to be the most powerful antimicrobial agent of all the essential oils available. Therefore, it can prevent pimples and acne, as well as protect against other skin infections that lead to sores. 

Lemon oil has strong harsh properties, which means it can tighten your skin. Consequently, it can counteract your loose skin as a side effect of aging. It can even bring bright back to dull skin. Lemon oil can even help reduce excess oil in your skin, which plays a role in reducing runes. 

2. For anxiety issues 

Lemon oil has an overwhelmingly calming effect, especially when added to diffusers and used for aromatherapy. It can help with a ton of mental issues such as stress, fatigue, anxiety, dizziness, and nervousness and is therefore a good addition to your lifestyle for keeping you healthy and calm at the end of the day. It can help you refresh your mind and allow you to think more positively. Lemon oil can help improve mental alertness and concentration.

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3. Boost the immune system 

Your immune system helps by protecting your body from a ton of diseases and infections. Arguably, it is the most important system in your body. Therefore, keeping it healthy should be a priority. 

Lemon oil is rich in vitamin C, which is known as a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants help remove free radicals from your system. It frees up your immune system to tackle bigger problems. With your immune system boosted, your body can go through all of its functions without any problems. 

4. Good for asthma problem 

Lemon oil can be extremely beneficial for your respiratory system. This is because this oil is inhaled after being put into a diffuser and helps clear your nasal passages and also your sinuses. It can improve the overall quality of your breathing and even help with breathing disorders like asthma. In addition, lemon oil helps by removing excess congestion in your chest or nose, again improving your breathing. 

5. Good for sleep aid 

If you are suffering from insomnia or any other problem that prevents you from sleeping properly, then lemon oil can be extremely beneficial for you. This is because after you add it to a diffuser in your room and inhale it, it can help you fall asleep due to its healing properties. 

Although lemon oil isn’t as powerful as lavender oil when it comes to inducing sleep, it can help you by giving you the gentle prick you need to finally fall asleep. If you don’t want to use a diffuser, you can add a few drops of it to your pillow. 

6. For stomach ache & pain 

Stomach disorders can sometimes affect other physical activities if not properly controlled. Moreover, they can be extremely inconvenient. Lemon oil is a carminative. This means that it can help you treat various stomach issues such as indigestion, acidity, cramps, and even stomach upset pain. 

Because it is a powerful antimicrobial, lemon oil can help you fight off any bacterial infections and fungal infections that can disrupt the overall functioning of your digestive system.

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7. Benefits for weight loss 

Lemon oil is very low in fat. Therefore, adding it to your meals while cooking will prevent you from gaining weight. Moreover, lemon juice is known to satisfy your appetite, when you eat or control the amount of food you eat. 

You can always use lemon oil to ensure that your appetite is satisfied and that you are not tempted to eat more and gain more weight. This completely reduces any chance of overeating and wasting your entire meal. 

8. To reduce fever 

Another well-known effect of using lemon oil is that it can help reduce your fever and infection. This is because it has strong antimicrobial properties, which help it fight numerous infections and even lower your body temperature during a fever. Lemon oil is particularly effective in treating infectious diseases. It can help you prevent or treat malaria and typhoid. 

9. For hair benefits 

Lemon oil is extremely good for your hair. As it has strong harsh properties, it tightens your skin and resists hair loss. It works well as a hair tonic and can make your hair shiny and strong. This is especially helpful if you want to grow long hair. 

In addition, lemon oil has strong antimicrobial properties. It is considered a good remedy for dandruff and even lice when used in concentrated amounts. 

Uses of Lemon Oil

To use lemon oil temporarily, mix it well with your carrier oil of choice. Test the mixture on a small, unexposed area of your skin, such as your arm, before you apply it to sensitive areas like your face. If you notice redness or burning after 24 hours, do not use the mixture. It can harm your skin.

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Side effects of Lemon Oil

However, pregnant women and breastfeeding women should avoid it. People who are highly vulnerable to allergies should always be careful when using lemon oil. It is a good idea to patch-test your skin before using lemon oil in any capacity to determine if it can cause an allergic reaction. On a general note, you should always consult with your doctor before adding anything new to your diet or lifestyle. 

Therefore, lemon oil should be used in the right amount considering the benefits and harms as excessive use of any product can harm our health. The above is information provided for general knowledge purposes only. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using lemon oil. 


The information discussed in this article is about the health benefits of lemon oil. In this article, you will learn about the benefits and harms, uses, and other information of lemon oil. I hope the information mentioned in this article will be useful to you. Thank you!


1. Can I add lemon oil to my drinking water? 

Ans: Lemon oil improves digestion and treats stomach ailments such as cramps and stomach disorders. Add about three drops of lemon oil to a glass of water and drink it. This will help reduce acidity and heartburn. 

2. Can lemon oil be taken internally? 

Ans: When taken internally, this essential oil can naturally cleanse the body and aid digestion. You will even add a drop of lemon oil and sliced fruit to your water for a delicious infused flavor. 

3. What is essential lemon oil good for? 

Ans: Essential lemon oil is a completely natural ingredient that also works as a home health remedy. Some folks swear by lemon essential oil which fights fatigue, helps with depression, clears your skin, destroys harmful viruses and bacteria, and reduces inflammation. 

4. Is lemon oil harmful? 

Ans: Lemon oil is considered safe for most people when used on a regular basis. There is no documented risk to infants, children, or pregnant women. The most common side effect is increased photosensitivity. Sun exposure can cause lemon essential oil treated skin to become red and irritated. 

5. Is lemon oil good for excessively oily skin? 

Ans: Lemon oil has strong harsh properties, which means it can tighten your skin. Consequently, it can counteract your loose skin as a side effect of aging. It can even bring bright back to dull skin. Lemon oil can even help reduce excess oil in your skin, which plays a role in reducing acne. 

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