15+ Amazing Health Benefits of Chirata, Uses, and Side Effects

Benefits of Chirata, Uses and Side Effects


Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine/treatment in the world and has been used in India for centuries.  There are many herbs around us that are beneficial in fighting diseases. One of them is Sirah (Chirata). Many people do not prefer having the slit because of its bitterness. However, no matter how bitter it may be, it is a really effective natural fighter against many diseases in the human body.

Benefits of Chirata
Health Benefits of Chirata

Amazing Health Benefits of Chirata

Through this article, you will come to know about the beneficial side of this herb in preventing various health problems/diseases.  

First of all, let us know ‘What is Chirata ?’

The scientific name of Chirata is – Swertia chirayita (Roxb. ex Fleming) Karst.

Syn – Gentiana chirayita Roxb.ex Fleming.

Plant Family of Chirata – Gentianaceae.

Chirata is called by different Names in different Languages-

  • Hindi – Chirayita, Chireta, Chirata, Nepalineem.
  • English – Brown Chireta, White Chireta, Chiretta. 
  • Bengali – Chirata, Chireta, Mohatita.

Chirata is basically a medicinal herb found in the Himalayas, Which is used in traditional medicine. It is also mentioned in the books related to the uses of traditional Indian, British, American and Greek medicines.  It contains a variety of bioactive compounds which can help to keep the body healthy. This herb is used for Ayurvedic treatment of diseases like Fever, Diabetes and Malaria etc.      

Health Benefits of Chirata

Chirata has been used for years to treat Hepatitis, Inflammation, disease related to Digestion etc. 

We will explain some of these benefits in detail below. Stick to the end of the article to get the detailed information. 

Note: A person suffering from a serious disease/illness should first consult an expert or doctor for proper treatment rather than relying on Chirata only.

16 Benefits of Chirata

  • In Fever, Cough and Cold

Chirata can be used for home remedies. In fact, all these problems are caused by viral infections. In this case, the antiviral properties staying in the particular herb can effectively help. It is said that the roots of Chirata can relieve Cough, Fever and Cold.

Corona also shows the same kind of symptoms like – fever and cough. Chirata can help in this matter too. The Ministry of Ayush of the government of India itself has suggested using Chirata.

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The benefits of Chirata are also shown in boosting the Immune system of the human body. Mangiferin is a bioactive compound found in Chirata. This compound shows Immunomodulatory effects in the body. With the help of this effect, Immunity can work according to the body’s needs. 

A research paper published by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) states that the benefits of Chirata can be seen in reducing the blood sugar level in the body. According to research, Amarogentin is a bioactive compound found in Chirata. This compound shows anti- diabetes effects. It is therefore believed that Chirata can help in controlling diabetes.  

  • Chirata for Anemia

Chirata is used as a herb in Ayurveda. It can also protect the body from Anemia. It has Haematinic effect of Vitamin and minerals present in the leaves. This effect can help in producing blood cells in the body, so Chirata can surely be used in home remedies. 

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  • Beneficial for the Liver

The Chirata plant has been used for many years to remove liver disorders. Research based on Chirata suggests that it contains Swerchirin compounds, which can demonstrate hepatoprotective activity. This effect can help the liver from damage. It can prevent liver diseases such as Hepatitis, Hepatitis B & C.

  • To Improve Digestion

The use of Chirata can improve digestion health. This bitterness of this herb can reduce indigestion problems by stimulating saliva and gastric juice production in the body. In addition, Chirata can help in digestion process by provoking gastric enzyme production. Therefore, it is believed that the herb can improve digestion and can relieve constipation by increasing bile extraction. 

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  • Helpful in Cleaning Blood/Blood Purification Process

Chirata has the qualities to purify blood. It is being used to make Ayurvedic medicines. 

  • Helpful in Improving Appetite

Chirata is used to increase appetite for years. A research paper has said that it increases bile and this is how it effectively works in improving appetite. 

  • Prevents Malaria Fever

Chirata has also been traditionally used to prevent Malaria fever.  The herb contains an element called Swerchirin, which can act like an anti-malaria fighter in the body. This effect can prevent malaria along with its associated symptoms. For this, Chirata can be used as a decoction (Chirata Karha).

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  • Improves Vision

Chirata is also named as “Eye Tonic”, so it is advisable to take chirata for eye health. In fact, Vitamin C staying in Chirata can keep vision better and prevent age related other eye problems. Because of this special element present in this herb, it is believed that it is beneficial for eye health. 

  • kills Stomach Worms

Chirata has an Anthelmintic effect. Anthelmintic is an Anti-parasitic process in which alien bodies (parasites) present in stomach and intestine get destroyed. Because of this feature available in Chirata, it helps to destroy worms in the stomach. 

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  • Beneficial in Joint Pain

The roots of the Chirata plant can relieve joint pain. In fact, Chirata has Swertiamarin compound which can reduce the problem of Arthritis. The major symptom of Arthritis is joint pain. That is why it is believed that the herb can effectively show impact on reducing joint pain.  

  • Beneficial for Skin Health

Chirata can be used to keep skin healthy. It has antioxidant effects. This quality of chirata can prevent “Photoaging” (Ageing process gets accelerated by the influence of UV rays of the sun). Chirata is believed to be a useful agent in detoxification process of skin. Moreover, this herb can also help get relieved from other skin problems.  

  • Beneficial in treating Cancer

Chirata is used to prevent diseases like cancer.  Actually  Chirata has  Amarogentin compound which gets involved in cancer preventive activities. It stops the spreading of infected cells in the body. 

Note: Always keep in mind that chirata can be a remedy to prevent cancer, but it is not the treatment for this lethal disease. Therefore, the persons having this disease should first consult a doctor.  

  • Beneficial in Hiccups

According to a research paper published by NCBI, the beneficial properties of Chirata can be effective in preventing vomiting and hiccups. It is said that the bitterness of Chirata can reduce the problem of hiccups by stimulating saliva and bile production. 

  • Helps to Prevent abnormal Vaginal Discharge

The whole Chirata plant can be used to prevent excessive vaginal discharge. This was stated in a research published by NCBI. Though the herb is profitable, it is clearly said in the research that there is more study needs to be done on the elements it has and their beneficial sides.  

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In the next part of the article, we will discuss “how should we use Chirata?”

How to Use Chirata

We can use both the body part and the roots of Chirata. Let us know directly head to the topic-

  1. Chirata can be consumed as tonic in 60ml quantity before having the meals, twice a day. It can help in preventing body weakness. 
  1. You can prepare Chirata tonic by adding Clove or Cinnamon and Chirata into hot water. Consume in quantities of 15ml-30ml or 1-2 tablespoons.
  2. The roots of Chirata can be helpful in hiccups and vomiting. It can be consumed with honey as a dose of 0.5gm to 2gm. 
  1. You can extract juice from Chirata leaves and consume it. It is bitter in taste, add a few drops of honey to balance the taste.

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Side Effects of Chirata

Although Chirata has been used for a long time as Ayurvedic medicine, the excessive use of it can cause damage to the body. However, research suggests that the herb has no serious side effects in the human body. However, you may read the common side effects seen after the uses of Chirata and carefully use the herb. 

  • People having the problem of low blood pressure and taking medications should avoid consuming Chirata, as it can lower the blood sugar level below the normal.  
  • People suffering from Gastric should avoid taking Chirata. Because in this particular health condition Chirata can do damage to the liver. 
  • It is not mentioned about the consumption of Chirata in the case of pregnant women and breastfeeding ones. Therefore, you should consult a doctor relating to this matter. 
  • The herb has a really strong bitter taste. The bitterness may linger on for a long time after drinking/eating it. 


Now you must have come to know about the benefits and side effects of Chirata. It is an Ayurvedic medicine which has been used for different diseases for centuries. According to the information mentioned above you can take advantage of this herb by using it wisely. Always keep in mind that excessive consumption of anything can do damage to health, the same condition goes for Chirata too. Therefore, use Chirata in limited quantities and stay healthy.  


1) Can I eat Chirata daily?

A- Yes, you can. If you are taking chirata due to an illness then you can eat it on a daily basis until the symptoms are gone. To control some infections, the chirata powder can be mixed with lukewarm water and eaten.  But there are rules to consume it too. Doctors should be consulted before taking the serata to know correct doses for you and for how long you should take it.

2) What is chirata good for?

A- Chirata is used for chronic fever, constipation, and abdominal redness, loss of appetite, intestinal worms, skin diseases and cancer. Some people use it as a “bitter tonic.” In India, it is used for malaria, when mixed with the seeds of divi-divi (Guilandina bonducella).

3) Can serata purify the blood?

A- Driven by antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, chirata provides blood purification activities. Due to the bitter taste and bile balance, it removes toxins from the blood and hence helps in controlling skin diseases.

4) When should I eat chirata?

A- If you are suffering from fever, constipation, stomach redness, loss of appetite, or intestinal worms you may add a little of chirata to your diet. Although more scientific evidence is needed, chirata is generally considered safe to take in the form of a drink.

5) What is ‘Pitta Dosha’?

A- According to the traditional Ayurvedic principles, ‘bile’ is a bodily energy, a liquid that combines fire and water components. This controls digestion, metabolism and transformations in the body. Pitta dosha is the hottest dosha as it is related to fire. Its effect on the body is to increase heat.

We hope the information included in the above article will help you in various ways. Thank you! 

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