Andrographis Paniculata – 7 Health Benefits, Uses, and Side-effects of Green Chiretta

The use of green vegetables as well as green medicinal plants is also very beneficial for improving our health. These medicinal plants not only provide us with nutrients but also protect our body from many diseases or help to cure many diseases. These herbs and medicinal plants are widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for their medicinal value. Green chiretta/Andrographis paniculata is a medicinal plant that has been often used for many years to improve our health. This article describes the health benefits of Andrographis Paniculata.

benefits of Andrographis Paniculata

What is Andrographis Paniculata?

Andrographis Paniculata/Green chiretta is a popular medicinal herb in the sub-temperate Himalayan region from the Himalayas to Bhutan. It has a pungent taste and every part of the plant has health benefits. Green chiretta is a medicinal plant belonging to the Acanthaceae family. It helps in weight loss as they increase metabolism and helps in burning more calories. It is also useful in controlling diabetes by increasing insulin secretion and reducing due to its high antioxidant activity.

Plant Description

The Andrographis Paniculata plant grows as an erect herb to a height of 30-110 cm (12-43 inches) in moist, shady places. The slender stem is dark green. Lanceolate leaves with hairless blades up to 2.5 cm (0.98 Inch) 8 cm (3.1 inch) long. Small flowers pink, solitary, arranged in loose spreading silk or panicles. The fruit is a broad capsule about 2 cm (0.79 inch) long. It contains many yellow-brown seeds. Flowering is from September to December. 

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Chemical Constituents 

  • Terpenoid 
  • Alkaloids 
  • Saponins 
  • Tannins 
  • Flavonoids 
  • Phenols 
  • Cardiac glycosides 
  • Phenolics 

Scientific Classification of Green chiretta/Andrographis paniculata

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Clade: Tracheophytes
  • Clade: Angiosperms
  • Clade: Eudicots
  • Clade: Asterids
  • Order: Lamiales
  • Family: Acanthaceae
  • Genus: Andrographis
  • Species: A.Paniculata
  • Scientific name: Andrographis paniculata

Benefits of Andrographis Paniculata

1. Lower fever 

Andrographis Paniculata is used to reduce fevers caused by colds and flu very efficiently. It also acts on malarial fever, hysteria and convulsions. So if you feel sick try to use some Andrographis Paniculata extract to recover faster. 

2. Protects the liver 

Andrographis Paniculata/Green chiretta have abundant hepato-protective properties. The term hepato-protection is self-explanatory (it is related to liver and protective). It helps in getting rid of toxins from the body and contributes towards a healthy liver. It also helps in the regeneration of new liver cells. 

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3. Anti-parasitic 

Andrographis Paniculata/Green chiretta helps in removing parasites like helminths, roundworms, tapeworms and lice from the body. It helps to cure the symptoms caused by the attack in the body. Green chiretta can be used to treat diarrhea, anemia of the lungs and liver and other serious side effects. 

4. Skin care 

Andrographis Paniculata/Green chiretta is the skin’s best friend. Their antioxidant properties help clear the skin. It is helpful in treating various skin conditions like spots, inflammation, itching, burns and redness. It can be mixed with water, diluted and used for cleansing on the skin. 

5. Cures anemia 

Andrographis Paniculataa helps the body to produce more blood. This plant can be used to treat anemia. An anemic state can result in a catalog of health problems that can range from serious to life-threatening. [1] Anemia is common in women as blood loss is a monthly issue for them. It affects their bodies especially during and after pregnancy. 

6. Checks diabetes 

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that is spreading like wildfire due to increased stress, irregular eating habits and improper lifestyle of this generation. Andrographis Paniculata helps lower blood sugar levels by stimulating cells to secrete more insulin. 

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7. Anti-cancer 

Due to the presence of powerful antioxidants, Andrographis Paniculata prevents the carriage of precancerous lesions and monitors cancer. It is most effective in liver cancer. This is one of the most important properties of this plant as the search for a cure for cancer has been a high priority among doctors and scientists. 

Traditional Uses and Benefits 

  • Green chiretta is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine. A powerful bitter tonic it is an excellent remedy for a weak stomach, especially when it is for nausea, indigestion and bloating, and it has also been shown to protect the liver. 
  • This is a widely used restorative tonic of the digestive system. 
  • The herb contains xanthones, which are thought to be effective against malaria and tuberculosis, and also amarogentin, a glycoside that may protect the liver from carbon tetrachloride poisoning. 
  • This plant is an extremely pungent tonic digestive herb that reduces fever and is stimulant. 
  • This herb has a beneficial effect on the liver, increases the flow of bile, it cures constipation and is useful for the treatment of dyspepsia. 
  • Andrographis Paniculata/Green chiretta is a good herbal remedy for strengthening the stomach. 
  • This herb improves the efficiency of the production of gastric juice and speeds up the digestive process. 
  • Green chiretta/Andrographis Paniculata is effective in reducing joint pain and swelling, especially in rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • The anathematic action of Andrographis Paniculata/green chiretta helps in destroying intestinal worms. 
  • It is a hemostatic herbal and is satisfactory for a person suffering from hemorrhagic heaps. 
  • It helps in reducing aging, repairing DNA and preventing cardiovascular diseases. 
  • The antioxidant activity of Andrographis Paniculata/green chiretta protects cells from cancer, especially liver cancer. 
  • Anti-viral properties of Andrographis Paniculata/green chiretta are used to fight against herpes and papilloma viruses. 
  • This herb reduces fever from colds, flu and malaria. 

Uses of Green Chiretta/Andrographis Paniculata

Manufactured extracts, powders, capsules, tonics, supplements and cosmetics are used in different ways to cure diseases and address skin problems. 

Doses you should take: 

The usual daily dose of andrographolide for common cough, sinusitis and tonsillitis is 60 mg. In a clinical trial in children with upper respiratory tract infections, 30 mg of andrographolide daily for 10 days should be used. 

Side effects of Andrographis Paniculata/Green Chiretta

Excessive use of Andrographis Paniculata can cause side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, headache, runny nose, and fatigue. Side effects are more likely with more shifts. This is a very bitter herb and lowers blood sugar levels. Care should be taken when prescribing it to diabetic patients undergoing treatment. It can significantly lower blood sugar levels with their regular diabetes medication. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid the use of green chiretta. Adverse effects include abortifacient effects. 

Therefore, green chiretta should be used in the right amount considering its benefits and harms as excessive use of any product can harm our health. The above is information provided for general information purposes only. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before using green chiretta for healing. 


The information discussed in this article is about the health benefits of Andrographis Paniculata. In this article, you will learn about the benefits and harms, uses, and other information of Andrographis Paniculata. I hope the information mentioned in this article will be useful to you. Thank you! 


1. What is green chiretta good for? 

Ans: Andrographis paniculata is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of infectious diseases and fevers. Andrographis exhibits antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and immunostimulating properties. 

2. What is the scientific name of green chiretta? 

Ans: The scientific name of green chiretta is Andrographis paniculata. 

3. Is green chiretta harmful to kidneys? 

Ans: Green chiretta also plays a beneficial role in the kidneys as it helps in preventing the formation of stones in the urinary tract. It protects the kidneys from damage by free radicals due to the presence of some bioactive compounds. Therefore, green chiretta is beneficial, not harmful to the kidneys.

4. Does green chiretta reduce inflammation? 

Ans: The anti-inflammatory properties of green chiretta allow the body to effectively fight infections. Furthermore, this herb can help the body repair cellular damage and thus proves to be extremely useful. Green chiretta helps reduce swelling and pain caused by inflammation in the body. 

5. Is green chiretta antiviral? 

Ans: Green chiretta shows antiviral properties against herpes simplex virus type-1 and is therefore antiviral. 

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