Achyranthes Aspera – 15 Health Benefits, Uses, and Side-effects

Health Benefits of Achyranthes Aspera

Traditionally, herbs and medicinal plants have been used in the treatment of diseases since ancient times. [1] These herbs and medicinal plants are widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for their medicinal value. 

One such excellent medicine is Chaff-flower. This article describes the general information about the health benefits of Achyranthes Aspera.

Benefits of Achyranthes Aspera

What is Chaff Flower / Achyranthes Aspera

Chaff-flower is a standing annual herb. Since time immemorial, it has been used as a folk medicine. It has gained an established place as a medicinal herb in various systems of medicine in India. This is a very important herbal remedy worldwide. The plant is a genus of plants in the Amaranthaceae family and is native to the tropics of Asia as well as India. The plant is also distributed in Balochistan, Ceylon, Tropical Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americans. Some common names of herbs are – burweed, chaff flower, chaff bur, devil’s horsewhip, prickly chaff flower, rough chaff flower, Achyranthes and crocus stuff. 

Plant description

Chaff flower is a wild, perennial, erect herb about 0.8-4 m tall. The plant is found developing on hills, waste places, roadsides, gardens, crops, meadows, forest margins, and river banks, leaves opposite, simple and ovate, 10 cm long and 8 cm wide. They shrink to a point at both ends and are briefly followed, and the blades complete. It bears small (3-7 mm) flowers. The fruit is a small (1.6-2.5 mm), few-seeded capsule. The seeds are very small. 

Chemical components 

  • Fatty acids.
  • D-glucuronic, Betaine.
  • Oleanolic acid, triacontanol.
  • Spathulenol, alkaloids.
  • Achyranthine, different amino acids.
  • Ecdysterone.
  • Oleic acid.
  • Bis Desmosedici, triterpenoid-based saponins.
  • Spinasterol, dihydroxy ketones.
  • n-hexacos-14-enoic

Nutritional Constituents

Chaff plants and seeds are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and bioactive ingredients such as flavonoids, tannins, and saponins that help maintain a person’s overall health. 

Scientific classification of Chaff-flower / Achyranthes Aspera

  • Kingdom: Plantae 
  • Clade: Tracheophytes 
  • Clade: Angiosperms 
  • Clade: Eudicots 
  • Order: Caryophyllales 
  • Family: Amaranthaceae 
  • Genus: Achyranthes 
  • Species: A. Aspera 
  • Scientific name: Achyranthes aspera

Benefits of Chaff-flower / Achyranthes Aspera 

1. Relieve nausea & heal wounds 

If you are suffering from constant attacks of nausea, you can use chaff herbal to get relief. It will relieve your nausea symptoms in no time. 

2. Good for asthma 

Achyranthes Aspera is the lungs and makes it wonderful for bronchitis and asthma. In India, the flowers are made into a paste with equal amounts of garlic powder to treat asthma and bronchitis. Take ½ teaspoon 3 to 4 times a day. It also works well for cold and flu-related fevers. 

3. For weight loss 

If you want to lose weight, take a dissection of this herb in the morning and evening. You will soon experience weight loss. This is due to the scrawling effect of the herb on cholesterol also, it reduces fat accumulation, therefore your body starts losing weight. 

4. Detoxify the body 

It is considered a powerful herb that produces effective detoxification for the whole body. You can remove all excessive phlegm from the body. 

5. Get relief from piles and itching 

You can get relief from hemorrhoids and piles by using chaff flower herbal. This is due to the balancing act that prevents constipation and other conditions leading to piles. The herb provides relief from external pain, scorpion stings, and itching. You can apply this herbal paste to the injured area to get relief. 

6. For teeth 

The seeds of the chaff flower herb can be ground into a powder with salt, it cleans and whitens your teeth and stops the bleeding of your gums, and the dried stems of the plant can be used as a toothbrush. 

7. Cure infections & decrease sputum 

Achyranthes Aspera benefits for curing infections and getting rid of worms in the head and neck area. These problems can be solved by taking the herb regularly. 

8. Animals bites 

Achyranthes Aspera can act as an antidote against the bites of medicinal animals. The leaves of the herb are a good natural remedy for animal bites. This medicine is used for people who have been bitten by dogs or scorpions. 

9. Improve appetite, Cure glandular growths and hiccups 

Achyranthes Aspera is an herb that improves taste and is useful for relieving anorexia. If you have fibroids and enlargement in your glands, you can use chaff flower herbal to cure this condition. 

10. Treat ear pain & with excellent diuretic action 

People use chaff flower oil to relieve ear pain. Put a few drops of the oil in your ears, and your ear pain will soon go away. It helps people suffering from dysuria, urine retention and kidney stones. 

11. Treat anemia & cure bleeding disorder

This herb can improve blood counts. Make a herbal paste and add it to your diet. Take at least two to three times a week to relieve symptoms of anemia. The fruits of the chaff herb are difficult to digest. This is useful for controlling and curing bleeding disorders. 

12. Strong purgative and antimicrobial action 

Chaff flowers are very useful for removing germs. It helps in removing intestinal worms through its pure action. This plant fights germs anywhere on the body including the skin. It helps you fight eczema and removes all infectious conditions. 

13. Reduces occurrence of uterus infection 

Uterine infections are very common among women nowadays. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of chaff flower helps in controlling such infections. Vaginal discharge is also controlled by the use of these other herbs. It also relieves uterine swelling and pain. It is suitable for women to use.

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14. Relief from cough 

The natural powder of chaff flowers helps to break down mucus and remove it from the body. Individuals suffering from coughs can use this herb to remove mucus from the throat and get rid of frequent coughs. 

15. Laxative 

Chaff flower has detoxifying properties which makes it quite potent for cleaning the intestines and relieving constipation. This herb is also very effective in maintaining the balance of body mass. 

Traditional uses of Chaff-flower / Achyranthes Aspera 

  • Monds of fresh chaff flower leaves and spikes of flowers are an effective home remedy for scorpion stings, which are believed to be paralytic when applied extremely. 
  • For snake/reptile bites, the seeds are useful for eye diseases and other corneal infections. 
  • The flowering, long spikes are mixed with a little sugar and used in dog bites to treat hydrophobia. 
  • The flowers and fruits of Achyranthes Aspera are useful for the treatment of menorrhagia. 

Uses of Chaff-flower / Achyranthes Aspera 

Chaff plants and all parts of this herb such as roots, seeds, leaves, flowers, and fruits have been used for medicinal purposes. Other eggplant vegetables are cooked and eaten with fresh leaves. The seeds are also cooked. The leaves are cooked and used as such. Leaf juice and powder extract are used. 

Side effects of Achyranthes Aspera

  • Do not use chaff flower during pregnancy, it can cause abortion. 
  • Care should be taken when using chaff flowers as they can cause side effects such as allergic reactions. 
  • If too much of the herb is taken, it can cause nausea, vomiting, excessive diarrhea, cramps, abdominal cramps, and dehydration. 
  • If one is undergoing infertility treatment, it is best to avoid its use. 
  • Chaff flower herbal paste should be used with caution as it can cause skin burns, and scarring. Therefore, it is best to use it with some cooling agent like ice. 
  • During breastfeeding situations, it is highly advisable to take chaff flowers under the supervision of a doctor. 
  • For children under 12 years of age, chaff herbal supplements should not be taken or given. 

Therefore, Achyranthes Aspera should be used in the right amount considering Achyranthes Aspera benefits and harms as excessive use of any product can harm our health. The above is information provided for general information purposes only. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before using hibiscus tea for healing.


This article must have informed you about the benefits of Achyranthes Aspera and other related information. I hope these will benefit you in various ways. 


1. What are the common names of Achyranthes Aspera plants? 

Ans: The common name of Achyranthes Aspera plants are – Burweed, Chaff flower, Chaff bur, devil’s horsewhip, Prickly chaff-flower, Rough Chaff-flower, Achyranthens, crocus stuff, and crockers staff. 

2. In which places do Achyranthes Aspera plants develop? 

Ans: Achyranthes Aspera plants are found developing on hills, waste places, roadsides, gardens, crops, meadows, forest margins, and river banks.

3. What is chaff flower good for? 

Ans: Chaff flower is good for asthma, teeth, laxative, weight loss, appetite, cough. 

4. Chaff flower plant is a plant belonging to which family? 

Ans: Chaff flower plant belongs to the Amaranthaceae family. 

5. What is the scientific name of Chaff flower? 

Ans: The scientific name of the Chaff flower is Achyranthes Aspera. 

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