Gram Flour Benefits You Should Know

Gram flour Health benefits, Nutritional value, Uses in various Diseases and possible Side Effects/disadvantages and FAQ


Gram flour is the powder of dried chickpea, rich in fiber and nutrients. It is popularly used in almost all over the world to make various types of Fritters and other food items. This versatile cooking ingredient has many health benefits and is used as a major element in many home remedies known to lighten skin tone. 

gram flour benefits

Dry chickpeas are fried and ground to make Gram flour. Gram flour is also known as ‘Chickpea flour’, ‘Garbanzo flour’ etc.

Benefits and Uses of Gram flour

Gram flour is extremely nutritious for its high protein content. It is low in calories and fat as compared to wheat flour. With high amounts of fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, foliate and vitamin B6, it provides various health benefits. 

This article describes the health benefits of Gram flour and other related things to it.

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Nutritional value per 100 g of Gram Flour

  • Energy- 1,619 (387 kcal)
  • Carbohydrate- 57g
  • Sugar – 10 g
  • Dietary Fiber – 10 g
  • Fat – 6 g
  • Protein – 22g 
  • Vitamins 
    • Niacin- 1mg
    • Folate- 437 micro gram
  • Minerals
    • Calcium- 45mg
    • Iron- 4mg
    • Magnesium- 166 mg
    • Phosphorus- 318 mg
    • Potassium- 846 mg
    • Selenium- 8 micro gram
    • Sodium- 64 mg
    • Zinc- 2 mg
  • Other
    • Water- 10 g

Health Benefits of Gram flour

  1. Controls Diabetes

Chickpea is a pulse. Research at Howard has linked low GI to the use of pulses. High fiber content in the can reduces the absorption of blood sugar, which is the root of diabetics. So gram flour is now quoted as superfood which can help reduce sugar levels even in people with type 2 diabetes.

  1. Helps increase blood levels

Gram flour contains iron, which is a very essential mineral for the body’s blood production. Blood deficiency causes anemia, usually marked by pale nails. So check the moon on your nails. If the upper part of the moon is pink or even darker up to the finger then pink, you are not anemic. You can eat Gram flour in any form you want. Those who have pale nails and hence anemia will make a lot of difference if they consume gram flour regularly.

  1. Prevents Colon Cancer

Gram flour helps in preventing colon cancer. Research conducted in the US and Mexico says that consumption of Gram flour helps reduce the DNA and protein intake. It also prevents the functioning of beta-catenin. Moreover, the Gram flour contains saponin and lignan, which contain starch that cannot be digested. Therefore, when these undigested elements from the Gram flour enter the small intestine, good bacteria in the colon use them to prevent the colon from being affected.

  1. Helps the body Stay Active

Fiber present in the cane affects the digestive system. This helps in slowing down the system. It helps you feel full. Due to its slow digestive properties, sugar levels in the body are under control. This happens as the Gram flour stops blood sugar levels from frequently getting more or less. When blood sugar levels crash, fatigue begins.  

  1. Boost Immune System

The Gram flour contains vitamin B6, zinc and vitamin A. All these nutrients strengthen the body’s immune system.  

  1. Body exfoliation

This is probably an easy way to exfoliate. Use three tablespoons of Gram flour. Mix it with a pinch of turmeric and a tablespoon of ground rice powder. If your skin is dry, you can also use half a tablespoon of honey. Mix all ingredients with rose water to make a paste and place it on your face and body. Let it dry. Take some water in your hand before you take a bath and start rubbing the dry paste from your skin. It will keep your skin soft.

  1. Lowers cholesterol

The cane contains healthy unsaturated fats that help in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body.

  1. Helps improve heart health

For iron to prosper, consuming Gram flour on a daily basis can help your body recover from iron deficiency like anemia. 

  1. Beneficial in Pregnancy

Gram flour contains folate, a vitamin that takes care of fetal brain and spinal development and ensures a healthy developed baby. 

  1. Helps during Fatigue

Gram flour is a good source of vitamin thiamine which helps the body convert food into energy. 

  1. Helps Regulate Mood and Appetite

Gram flour is rich in Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is an important component associated with the synthesis of neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin plays an important role in mood and appetite control. 

  1. Reduce Oiliness

Mix the same amount of Gram flour, yogurt and raw milk. Apply it to your face. Wash your face by allowing it to stay for 20 minutes. This process cleanses your skin pores and reduces oiliness.

  1. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

The amount of magnesium in the Gram flour helps in maintaining vascular health and helps in blood pressure control. 

  1. Helps Strengthening the Bones

Phosphorus present in the gram flour helps in bone formation by reacting with calcium in the body. In addition, they contain magnesium, a mineral used by the body with calcium to build strong bones.

  1. Removes Acne spots

Gram flour helps in cleansing the skin providing a glowing look. Women across India use it as a face mask to get smooth glowing skin. It also works well as a ten remover.

  1. Removes Tanning

Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and curd with 4 tsp Gram flour. Add a pinch of salt and mix to form a smooth paste. Apply the mask to your face and neck and wait until it dries. Wash off with cold water. You can repeat this process daily before bathing.

  1. Exfoliates Dead Skin

You can use Gram flour as a body scrub and exfoliate your dead skin. You only need to mix 1 tsp powdered oats and 2 tsp maize flour with 3 tsp flour. You can also add some raw milk. Apply this mixture on your body and rub it thoroughly.

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Uses of Gram flour

Versatile food items like Gram flour can be used in different ways. Different types of snacks, dishes, sweets etc. can be prepared and eaten from the Gram flour. Gram flour paste, face pack, body scrub etc. can be used in different ways for skin and hair health.

Side effects of Gram flour

Gram flour has no side effects when taken in the right amount. It can cause minor indigestion or be unhealthy if deeply fried. Gram flour has no side effects when used as a face mask. If you are allergic to Gram flour, it is better to avoid it as it can lead to hunger, redness, skin rash or anxiety.

Precaution and Warning

Some people may have an allergy to the Gram flour, so it is best to check the patch before using a Gram flour mask or scrub. You should consult a doctor if you face any side effects after consuming it. Gram flour should be ideally avoided in summer as it can cause excessive heat to the body inside.

It should be used in the right quantity keeping in view the benefits and disadvantages of Gram flour and avoid its use in some physical areas as excessive use of any product can harm our health. The above mentioned information is provided only for general knowledge based on the information. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using a health check-up.


Through the above article, you must have got a brief knowledge about the benefits of Gram flour and other related important information. This information may benefit you in various ways. 

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1/ Is Gram flour bad for your health?

Ans: No, Gram flour is extremely nutritious and good for health. It can be a little unhealthy while frying though. If it is not cooked properly, then Gram flour can also cause bloating.

2/ Is Gram flour good for skin?

Ans: Gram flour works wonders for skin and hair. It has various benefits and gives you healthy, clean and glowing skin.

3/ Does Gram flour lighten the skin tone?

Ans: Yes, bechan helps in lightening the skin. It removes dirt and dirt from the skin. It also fades acne spots and tans to give you glowing skin.

4/ Is Gram flour good for high blood pressure?

Ans: To maintain high blood pressure levels, your body needs magnesium. The ban contains magnesium and you should add it to your diet to maintain normal blood pressure in your body.

5/ How do you know if Gram flour is bad?

Ans: The best way to know if the Gram flour is bad is to smell it. If it smells bad and it should not be used.

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