Fibroadenoma Breast Treatment – Meaning, Stage, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

Not many people know that besides breast cancer, women can also get noncancerous tumors. However, according to the reports, 10% of women might have this condition and it is curable. So here we will discuss Fibroadenoma Breast Treatment and details about it.

Mostly these types of non-cancerous tumors are removed by surgery to avoid severity and it is also a very effective way to get rid of it. Furthermore, you should read till the end to know about Fibroadenoma Breast symptoms, causes, and medical treatment available for it.

Fibroadenoma Breast Treatment

What is Fibroadenoma?

Fibroadenoma also called a tumor of the breast is a non-cancerous lump that is also painless, solid, and not fluided. It is very common among young women from age 14 to 35. However, it can happen at any age before menopause.

Furthermore, it is more likely to shrink after menopause therefore it is also rare to be found in post-menopausal women. However, it is not life-threatening but it is uncomfortable and yet it requires treatment. According to studies, it is said that 10 percent of women might have it.

  • It is not tender and movable under the skin. feel like a marble.
  • It can occur in one or both breasts at the same time.
  • Surgery is also a way to get rid of this lump.

Fibroadenoma Causes

These lumps occur due to hormonal imbalances of estrogen that control your periods. However, this reason is not proven therefore the cause of this disease is still unknown. 

Consuming oral contraceptives before the age of 20 is linked to an increased rate of Fibroadenoma. However, ignorance can severe the condition and can turn it into stage 1 cancer.

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Types of Fibroadenoma

Fibroadenoma is further classified into two types according to the conditions. Those two types are discussed below:

Simple Fibroadenoma

Stage 3 cancer risk in this type of tumor is low and it can be seen by microscope. Accordingly, it looks the same from all over, unlike other tumors. It is less dangerous however you can easily treat it by surgery or medicines.

Complex Fibroadenoma

These are fluid-filled lumps and can be felt with hands without being seen by a microscope. These fluids are calcium or calcification deposits. Similarly, the risk of stage 2 cancer is increased with this kind of tumor. 

Surgery and other medical treatments are available to treat these tumors and women can easily get rid of them without any risk. However, it can become severe or turn into cancer if neglected for a long time. It might also disappear after menopause.

Fibroadenoma in Children

Among children below the age of 14, it is very rare however a few cases worldwide are reported. It is also called benign Fibroadenoma. The causes of this are still unknown however it is treatable. Moreover, the outlook of the tumor in children is difficult to describe.

Fibroadenoma Breast Symptoms

Here is a list of a few symptoms that might help you suspect if you have Fibroadenoma or not. However, only medical tests can diagnose the disease. But looking for symptoms might also help you to diagnose the tumor earlier and get the treatment started soon. 

  • A round tumor can be felt with hands.
  • Firm or rubbery lump.
  • Palpable lumps or swelling in the breast.
  • It may get bigger over time in young women or shrink in elders.
  • Fibroadenoma causes discomfort or irritation on the breast.
  • Can be painful only when touched.

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Diagnoses of Fibroadenoma Breast Tumor

You might find out about the lump while self-examination or during a regular medical checkup. A mammogram or an ultrasound can also help you identify the type of breast tumor. Moreover, if you can feel a lump on your breast but are unable to identify it then you should do medical tests for it.

Imaging Tests

Thus test can show the size, shape, and structure of a lump. The two procedures of imaging tests are as follows:

  • Ultrasound is another way to recognize breast lump. It can clearly show the size and shape of the tumor without any Fibroadenoma Pain or difficulty. Doctors can also distinguish between solid or fluid-filled tumors after analyzing the ultrasound report.
  • Mammography uses X-rays to view an image of breast tissue. However, this procedure is usually not done for patients under the age of 30 cause it can be harmful to them. Furthermore, it shows the borders of the tumor to identify the size and shape clearly. 


To further identify or analyze the condition of the tumor, doctors suggest doing a biopsy. It is done by collecting a sample of tissue from your breast with the help of a needle.

An expert shall perform the needle biopsy then the sample is sent to the lab for examination. The reports can be reviewed according to the Fibroadenoma pathology outlines so, then the treatment can be started.

Fibroadenoma Breast Treatment

There are several ways of treating Fibroadenoma which are discussed in detail here so read them to be aware of how to treat it.

Surgical Treatment

A common way to get rid of this tumor is to get surgical removal. You should only get surgery if necessary otherwise the doctor might prescribe you medicines. Fibroadenoma Breast Surgery Cost may vary according to the region. Usually, it costs nearly 2000$ whereas some places might ask for less or more charges.

Fibroadenoma Breast Surgery Recovery Time might be approximately 2 weeks depending on the health condition. However, you can continue your daily activities once your doctor allows you.

Medical Treatment

Some medicines for the treatment of this tumor are mentioned below:

  • Metformin
  • Centchroman
  • Antiestrogen drugs 

Ayurvedic Treatment

Fibroadenoma Breast Treatment without surgery can also be done with the help of some herbal remedies. Here are some herbs that can help you treat this disease:

  • Kachnaar or Kanchanara Guggulu
  • Khadirarishta 
  • Dashmularishta 

Exercise Treatment

Here are some exercises to do if you are suffering from Fibroadenoma. It cannot not only enhance your physical strength but will also help you improve your mental health.

  • Walking or jogging
  • Yoga
  • Swimming

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Risks of Surgery for Fibroadenoma

Here are some Fibroadenoma Surgery Side Effects listed  below:

  • Pain where surgery is done.
  • Unnecessary bleeding.
  • Swelling or infection.
  • Slow wound healing.

These side effects will end after some time but if it becomes severe then you should ask for medical help.


  • Avoid taking heavy-fat meals 
  • Consume healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Drink limited alcohol or caffeine
  • Avoid usage of contraceptives before 20
  • Wear comfortable cotton bras for daily use.
  • Get health checkups once in a while.

Bottom Line

Fibroadenoma is not risky however it can increase the risk of breast cancer if left untreated. Therefore we should not neglect any unusual changes in our body and should consult a health specialist. It can also help you to prevent stage 4 cancer. Remember; early diagnosis means early cure!

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