Fenugreek Oil – 11 Ways Health Benefits, Uses & Side-effect

Health Benefits of Fenugreek oil

Fenugreek Oil benefits

Fenugreek oil has become widely popular for its other health benefits that provide energy to the body. Fenugreek seed oil provides organic properties [1] and nutritional value that helps in improving health and helps fight skin burns, acne, diabetes, kidney problems, and many more. Fenugreek oil provides anti-viral properties that help in immunity against various viruses. In fact, the compounds found in this oil have the ability to reduce the risk of cancer. People also use it for its antioxidant properties, which help cells maintain their health. It also acts as a beta cell stimulant. 

Fenugreek oil is made from fenugreek seeds. These fenugreek seeds have a strong smell and bitter taste. The seeds are processed to obtain the oil. This extracted oil becomes very useful for its antioxidant, antitumorigenic, antidiabetic, and many other ingredients. This article discusses the health benefits of fenugreek oil. 

Health benefits of Fenugreek Oil

1. Fenugreek oil uses for breast enlargement

Fenugreek oil has various benefits, breast enlargement being the most popular among women. Fenugreek provides a natural way to firm breasts and helps enlarge them. Related products like creams and oils contain this ingredient. However, this oil can be used directly for massage.

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2. Use of Fenugreek oil in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a process that uses the aromatic properties of fenugreek oil. This oil is converted into vapor with the help of a vaporizer. The steam helps to lower high blood pressure and relaxes the nervous system. The treatment is also used to reduce fever. Just a few drops of this oil becomes enough for a strong scent. 

3. Benefits of Fenugreek for the Kidneys

Using fenugreek oil helps improve kidney health. The ingredients in this oil help in improving the functioning of the pancreas and kidneys. Regular and necessary intake of this oil also restores lost health. 

4. Fenugreek seeds oil for Hair Growth

The additives in fenugreek oil improve the strength of the hair and significantly reduce the amount of dandruff. Massage a mixture of fenugreek oil on the scalp to improve the shine and health of the hair.

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5. Fenugreek Oil cure Diabetes

Another very important benefit of fenugreek oil is that it helps in controlling diabetes. This oil contains compounds that help effectively limit glucose levels in the blood. This oil has a positive effect on the pancreas and insulin, which allows it to improve the status of beta cells. 

People suffering from diabetes can mix a few drops of this oil with any other base oil. One tablespoon of this mixture daily can give incredible results.

6. Benefits of Fenugreek oil for Face

Skin burns are a common problem nowadays. Harsh environmental conditions and extreme weather conditions can cause skin problems and burns. In such situations, fenugreek oil becomes a natural remedy. 

When fenugreek oil is mixed with essential oils like olive oil, and massaged it nourishes the skin. A smooth massage provides relaxation and reduces problems such as itching and swelling. 

7. Fenugreek oil for acne scars

Swelling of the acne makes the acne painful and annoying. The natural way to get rid of these pimples is to apply the properties of fenugreek oil. Mix fenugreek oil with any other oil and apply a few drops on the acne. 

8. Fenugreek oil massage benefits 

Fenugreek oil has the ability to meet the skin’s natural oil requirements. That’s why it is popularly used as a massage oil. The treatment relaxes the skin and improves skin health. Massage helps to reduce inflammation and gives the skin a better glow.

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9. Fenugreek oil for stomach pain & digestive system 

Those suffering from various stomach problems like indigestion, constipation, inflammation and other problems get relief by using fenugreek oil. It helps in improving digestion, thus improving the health of the body. 

10. Reduce the risk of heart and blood pressure 

Fenugreek oil provides energy to the heart. It makes the arteries very strong, which increases their performance of the arteries. About 2 to 5 grams of methi per day helps to control cholesterol levels.

11. Fenugreek Oil For weight loss

Fenugreek oil has a dual effect that helps in the body’s metabolism. This oil improves metabolism and reduces food requirements. The better functions of the body use the surfaces effectively, which gives the body the best energy. Therefore, food requirements are reduced, resulting in weight loss. Increased metabolism provides health to the body.

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Uses of Fenugreek Oil

Fenugreek oil can be used in different ways. Fenugreek oil is from the seeds of therapeutic herbs used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Can be diffused in oil, eaten in teas or recipes, or applied topically. It acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, antioxidant, and digestive aid. 

Side effects of Fenugreek Oil

Although fenugreek oil has various exceptional benefits, caution is required in using this oil. Direct use of crude oil can also cause various allergies, rashes, and other problems. Lack of knowledge on instructions for use may be an issue for diabetic patients. It, therefore, makes medical advice a necessity. 

Fenugreek oil can cause breathing problems and side effects if taken or applied to certain medicines. Therefore, people with prescribed medications should consult their doctor before using the oil. Also, women should avoid taking fenugreek oil during pregnancy.

Therefore, fenugreek oil should be used in the right amount considering its advantages and disadvantages as excessive use of any product can harm our health. The above is information provided for general information purposes only. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using fenugreek oil in the treatment of diseases. 


1. What is fenugreek oil good for? 

Ans: The antioxidants in fenugreek oil slow down aging and help prevent diseases. It has also been employed against the treatment of bronchitis, fever, sore throat, swollen glands, skin burns, diabetes, ulcers, and cancer. 

2. Do fenugreek oil firm breasts? 

Ans: Massaging the breast area with fenugreek oil helps to expand the breasts cells, thus healing them and firming your breasts. Fenugreek oil mixed with ginger oil works wonders in naturally tightening the skin of the breasts. 

3. Can I use fenugreek oil on my face? 

Ans: The vitamin B and niacin content makes the skin more supple. In fact, by combining these two natural ingredients, fenugreek oil helps in the repair of damaged cells and the regeneration of new cells. Therefore, this oil has become a valuable cosmetic for face, skin and hair care. 

4. Is fenugreek oil good for hair? 

Ans: Soak fenugreek seeds in coconut oil in a glass jar and leave it under the direct rays of the sun every day for a week. Massaging this oil into your scalp three times a week can prevent hair loss. 

5. Is fenugreek oil good for digestion? 

Ans: People suffering from various stomach problems like indigestion, constipation, inflammation and other problems get relief from using fenugreek oil. It helps in improving digestion, thus improving the health of the body.

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