Cardiac Dysrhythmia – Meaning, Types, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Heart-related diseases are extremely dangerous, and you must be careful while dealing with these disorders. Cardiac Dysrhythmia is one of the most common heart disease people suffer from. And we will share about this disease in this article. [1]

Cardiac Dysrhythmia

We have discussed the types of Cardiac Dysrhythmia and the causes of this disorder. You must read the article completely to get maximum information about this disease. This will help you deal with your condition.

Cardiac Dysrhythmia

Cardiac Dysrhythmia is a condition in which the electric signal in the heart gets blocked or disturbed. This causes regulation in the heartbeat of the patient. The heartbeat can be faster or slower than the average heartbeat of a person.

This condition can be extremely hazardous if not treated on time. It can develop into other heart diseases like V Tach. It has very minor symptoms, so getting a medical test to diagnose this disease on time is important.

Types of Cardiac Dysrhythmia

Cardiac Dysrhythmia is divided into two different types. The division is based on the rate of heartbeats patients have. We have discussed both of these types below. Identifying the exact Dysrhythmia type is important to get the right treatment.

  • Tachycardia: In this type of Cardiac Dysrhythmia, the heart rate is faster than the average heartbeat.
  • Bradycardia: Bradycardia is when the heartbeat is lower than normal heartbeats. 

Another division of Cardiac Dysrhythmia could be based on the part that causes irregulation in the heart. There could be three main parts type division of these Dysrhythmia types.

  • Ventricular Dysrhythmias: This type of Dysrhythmia is caused by a disturbance in the electrical activity in the ventricles.
  • Sinus Dysrhythmia: In this type, the heart seems to be skipping a beat now and then.
  • Atrial Dysrhythmia: It is caused by the irregulation in the heart’s upper chambers, called atria.

Symptoms of Cardiac Dysrhythmia

Al the disease has to be treated on time. But you must identify the disease you are dealing with to get early treatment. The Dysrhythmia Symptoms we have mentioned will help you diagnose this disease on time. 

If you ever identify any of these symptoms, go to a heart specialist and get immediate medical attention.

  • Pain in the Chest
  • Feeling Dizziness
  • Almost Fainting
  • Felling the heart skipping the beats
  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Weakness

Cardiac Dysrhythmia Causes

Identifying the cause of Dysrhythmia will help your treatment a lot. It would help if you eradicated the core reason for your irregular heartbeat, and only then treatment will be as effective as you need. Some of the major factors that cause Heart Dysrhythmias are listed below:

  • A high cholesterol and fat diet causes Dysrhythmia.
  • Specific medication might have side effects and irregulation the heartbeat.
  • Diabetes is the major cause of many heart diseases.
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol is one of the Dysrhythmia Causes.
  • Obesity causes Dysrhythmia in men and women.
  • Smoking damages the heart muscles and causes Dysrhythmia. 

Cardiac Dysrhythmia Treatment

There are loads of treatments available for treating Dysrhythmia. These treatments are effective and not very expensive as well. We have discussed the three main treatments for Dysrhythmia.

Medical treatment

Medications are one of the early Dysrhythmia Treatments. They are highly effective if the condition hasn’t worsened and the patient doesn’t need surgery. These medicines are inexpensive and will be available in the pharmacy near you.

Some of the most common Dysrhythmia medicine are listed below:

  • Flecainide
  • Lidocaine
  • Propafenone
  • Tocainide

Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurvedic medicine is also available for treating Dysrhythmia. Most people prefer Ayurvedic pills because they have some allergies to chemicals. We have listed some Ayurvedic treatments you can use for Dysrhythmia. These are safe and doesn’t have any side effect.

Exercise treatment

Doing some normal exercise every day will benefit your heart a lot. A little exercise routine every day save you from many heart disease, including Dysrhythmia. But make sure the exercise is not very hard and doesn’t affect your heartbeat.

Some exercises you can do easily with Dysrhythmia are listed below:


During the treatment of any heart-related doctors and specialists prefer some preventive measures. These preventative tips help you during the treatment. It makes the treatment effective and safe. 

We have shared some of the preventive measures below for you.

  • Keep eating a healthy diet. You cannot have a highly fatty diet.
  • Keep the cholesterol low in your body and loss your weight.
  • Avoid smoking if you have any heart-related disease.
  • If you identify any Dysrhythmia Symptoms, immediately see a doctor.
  • Only take medication that your doctor has prescribed you.
  • Do a light exercise routine daily to improve your heart’s health.

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Bottom Line

Heart diseases are becoming more and more common every day. The lifestyle we follow is the reason for these diseases. But luckily, there are treatments for these conditions as well. Dysrhythmia can be dangerous if not treated on time. All the Dysrhythmia Treatments we have discussed can help you deal with this condition.

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