11+ Benefits of Sessile Joyweed – Uses, Medicinal Qualities, Side Effects

Benefits of Sessile Joyweed/Alternanthera Sessilis – Uses, Medicinal Qualities, Side Effects


The world is filled with a huge number (about 2,50,000) of plant species. And among them almost 80,000 species are medicinal. The uses of these medicinal plants are based on folk beliefs continuing since ages. ‘Sessile Joyweed’ is one of these kinds of medicinal spice. For the benefits of  Sessile Joyweed, the herb has been used as medicine for the treatment of various diseases from early times.

What is Sessile Joyweed?

Benefits of Sessile Joyweed - Uses, Medicinal Qualities, Side Effects
Benefits of Sessile Joyweed Leaf

‘Sessile Joyweed’ is a type of grassy leafy vegetable cum herb full of medicinal qualities. This herb is actually a creeper.  This herbal plant can be found in the courtyards, farms, pond banks, gardens, riversides and humid corners.   

What Does it look like?

‘Sessile Joyweed’ grows up to the length of 0.4 meter to 1.4 meter. The leaves of this plant are simple oval shaped and placed in a gentle distance. These leaves can be of 2.5 cm to 7.5 cm long, medium to dark green in color.  Its branches are divided in many parts. The roots of this plant can grow up to 0.1cm to 0.6cm and have a buttery type of color. The flowers of this plant are round in shape, tiny and white to light pink in color. These flowers smell like fish. The fruits this plant bears are also tiny in size.  

Medicinal Qualities

All the parts of this plant including the roots, branches and flowers are filled with medicinal properties.  The tender leaves of this plant have antifungal and antibacterial qualities. These leaves can heal external body wounds and also can lower acidity levels of the body.  Regular consumption of Sessile joyweed can be beneficial for your health.

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Main Constituent of Sessile Joyweed/Alternanthera

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Cycloecucalenol 
  • Cyclooctanol 
  • Stigmasterol 
  • Campesterol 
  • Sitosterol 
  • Spinasterol 
  • Oleanolic acid  rhamnoside
  • 24 – methylene cycloartenol 
  • Cycloecucalenol 
  • Lupeol 
  • Palmitate 
  • Nonacosane 
  • 16 – Hentriacontane 
  • Hadiano 

Sessile Joyweed/Alternanthera Other Names

  • Hindi : Goudari sak 
  • Sanskrit : Minakshi 
  • Tamil : Ponnanganni 
  • Telugu : Ponnaganti aaku 
  • Sri Lankan : Mukunuwenna 
  • Kannada : Honagone 
  • Odia : Mada ranga 
  • Gujrati : Pano bhaju 
  • Bengali : Sanchi 
  • Manipuri : Fhakchet 
  • Marathi : kanchari 
  • Malayali : Ponnankannikkira 
  • Nepali : Bhiringi jhaar 

 Scientific classification of Sessile Joyweed/Alternanthera Sessilis

  • Kingdom : Plantae 
  • Clade : Tracheophytes 
  • Clade : Angiosperms 
  • Clade : Eudicots 
  • Order : Caryophyllales 
  • Family : Amaranthaceae 
  • Genus : Alternanthera 
  • Species : A. Sessilis 
  • Scientific name  : Alternanthera Sessilis

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Benefits of Sessile Joyweed/Alternanthera

  1. Cures Infertility   

Including Sessile joyweed leaves in your regular diet may cure Gonorrhea condition. This herb can help in curing infertility in the male body. Moreover, this plant can help in controlling blood sugar levels and provides energy in the diabetic body. 

  1. Prevents Cancer

The benefits of Sessile joyweed can be seen in case of cancer as it  acts like a resistor to it. The nutritional elements present in this herb get mixed in the blood and destroy the harmful elements in the human body. It helps in preventing the spread of cancer cells. This also kills bacteria and helps to heal wounds.

  1. Great for Night Blindness

People suffering from Night Blindness should consume Sessile joyweed, because this herb holds the capacity to improve vision. If you consume the herb on a regular basis you will notice a slight difference in your vision after some days. It cools down the body temperature, strengthens the body muscles and improves vision. This herb is considered as one of the most effective traditional remedies for eye health. 

  1. Regulates Nervous Systems

The benefits of Sessile joyweed can also be seen in case of insomnia. The herb helps by improving the central nervous system. It also cures other diseases or health problems related to the nervous system.  

  1. Cures Piles

To cure Piles’ condition, you can make Sessile joyweed soup made with black pepper and consume it. Mix 25gm of Sessile joyweed juice with the same quantity of carrot juice and add a pinch of salt in it. Drink this as medicine for piles. It will help to improve the condition. 

  1. Reduces Body Heat 

To reduce body temperature, Sessile joyweed is beneficial. Take the same quantity of sesame oil and Sessile joyweed juice, 20 gm of licorice, water lily and cumin seeds. Grind all them together and boil the mix with milk in low flame and filter it. Apply this filtered mix on the scalp after 3-4 days and wash the hair thoroughly. Doing this will help in reducing body temperature, promoting hair growth, fever, body pain, headache, inflammation in eyes and stomach ache. 

  1. Inflammation in Urinary tract

Sessile joyweed can help in curing the inflammation of irritating sensation in the urinary tract. Consume butter made from buffalo milk with Sessile joyweed roots, it will help to improve the condition.

  1. Cures Jaundice

Sessile joyweed also shows its medicinal benefits in Jaundice. Boil 20ml of Sessile joyweed leaf juice  with brown sugar and consume this with cow milk. Maintain a particular time difference before each second dose. This will help in this disease. The Naturopathic doctors include Sesillis joyweed in their formula of medicine to treat cold, hepatitis, asthma, liver disease. 

  1. Hair Growth

Sessile joyweed promotes hair growth. Boil the same quantity of  Sessile joyweed juice and Bhringraj juice with sesame oil. Let it cool and store in a container. You can use this to cure eye inflammation and increase hair growth. 

  1. Helps in maintaining  body weight

Consuming Sesillis joyweed mixed with black pepper with rice can help in weight loss. And to gain weight, you can eat the same herb with clarified butter (Ghee).

  1. Improves Health Condition

Benefits of Sessile joyweed can be seen in controlling body temperature, curing eye inflammation, body pain, abnormal white discharge problem in women, liver disease and headache. The leaves of this herb can increase the breast milk production in breastfeeding women.

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*Although the herb has many benefits for various health problems, it can be proved as harmful for some health conditions. Therefore, it is suggested to consult your doctor before taking any medicinal product made from this herb or consuming the herb directly (if you are suffering from any lethal disease)

How to use Sessile Joyweed/Alternanthera? 

Sessile joyweed can be used in different ways; such as- as a dish, as medicine, as juice, applied as oil and can be used in mixing with other products. Let’s see some other uses of Sessile joyweed-

  • Sessile joyweed can be eaten as a leafy vegetable. You can cook this vegetable separately or you can mix this with other veggies to enhance the taste. In some parts of Southeast Asia, the tender leaves and flowers of Sessile joyweed are eaten as vegetables. In India also, the plant is eaten in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu etc.
  • Sessile joyweed is also used to treat skin infections.
  • In India and Sri Lanka, Sessile joyweed is used to treat gastrointestinal problems. 
  • It is also used to treat hepatitis, bronchitis and asthma.
  • In Ayurvedic treatment, Sessile Joyweed leaves are used to treat hyper depression.
  • In case of abnormal white discharge while urinating, Sessile Joyweed juice is beneficial and consumed as medicine against the problem.
  • In Dysuria and Hemorrhoids disease, Sessile Joyweed is used.
  • In case of snake bite, Sessile joyweed powder is applied externally to cut the harmful effect of the poison.
  • Apart from the medicinal uses, the herb can also be used to consume as food, salad, soup etc.

Side effects of Sessile Joyweed

As a medicinal herb there are no proven harmful side effects of Sessile joyweed in the human body.  Though, excess consumption of it can show side effects in some particular health conditions. Moreover, the herb can show unwanted reactions outside the range of its local region. Therefore, use this herb in limited quantities and wisely.  


In the above article you must have come to know about the medicinal spice Sessile joyweed. The article includes information about the nutrition the spice contains, its uses, benefits and side effects of Sessile joyweed.  We hope the information this article gives you helps you in various ways. Thank you! 

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