Benefits of Crown Flower – 12+ Amazing Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects

Benefits of Crown Flower – Amazing Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects


The world is filled with a huge number (about 2,50,000) of plant species. And among them almost 80,000 species are medicinal. The uses of these medicinal plants are based on folk beliefs continuing since ages. Crown flower is one of these kinds of medicinal spice. From early times, Crown flower has been used as medicine for the treatment of many types of disease.

What are Crown Flowers?

Benefits of Crown Flower - Amazing Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects
Benefits of Crown Flower – Amazing Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects

Crown flower is a type of herbal plant. This plant belongs to the C.gigantea species and Apocynaceae plant family. Crown flower is locally found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and in tropical Africa. 


Crown flower is a fast growing small bushy shady tree. This plant grows up to a height of 5 meters. The leaves are thick, elliptical, rectangular, 7-8 cm long and 5-13 cm wide. The stems are vertical to the ground, have many sections, tube like and solid from outside. It has latex (milk like white liquid) inside of it. The roots are found with a circular head and rest is spread out in a serpent manner.  These hard roots are grey-white in color. The plant has numerous flowers which are 2-5 cm long. The flowers are pale pink, white, purple-white in color.  The fruits of this plant have many hairy seeds inside them. Their flattened seeds are about 0.6 cm long and 0.4 cm wide with light hairs of 2-4cm long at one end which are scattered by the wind.


Crown flowers can be found growing in dry coastal areas, roadsides, water sideways, urban open spaces, abandoned lands having dry, sunny and hot climates. This plant can grow successfully in all soil types but it prefers the sandy one.

Historical uses

The ‘Calotropis gigantea’ is a Greek word which means beautiful ‘boat’ or ‘key’. Crown flower is a sacred plant in India used to follow religious customs. Crown flower plants were used to worship the Sun during ancient Arabian and Vedic times. In Roman Jewish history, this plant was called ‘Apple of Sodom’.

Archeologists have found the wood coal remaining of crown flower plant in the Archeological site of Nile Valley in Upper Egypt, which was probably associated with the Pre-dynasty period. Wood taken from Crown flower plant was used in coal gunpowder in India and China. In some old Sigaram civilization, the fiber extracted from Crown flower plant was used in textiles. The bark fibers of crown flower trees were used to make clothes for Royals and Nobles. In India, the fiber extracted from this tree is also used as a bow wire as well as for making carpets, nets and others.

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Crown flower plants are of two types – one, where blossoms are of white color and another one carries pale pink-purple colored flowers. The juicy extract of it is highly toxic, though it has been used in Ayurveda for years to treat chronic diseases. It requires a lot of care and experience to prepare it. The roots, leaves, flowers, latex, wood etc of this plant are useful for various diseases like Diarrhea, Leprosy, Indigestion, Toothache, joint pain etc. 

Medicinal Qualities of Crown flower

  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Expectorant
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-coagulant
  • Ant dysenteric
  • Ant syphilitics
  • Anti-rheumatic

Chemical compound in Crown Flower/Calotropis Gigantea

  • Amarin
  • Cyanidin-3-Rhamnogluco side
  • Procesterol
  • B-sitosterol
  • Calactin
  • Catoxin
  • Calotropagenin
  • Calotropin
  • Cardenolides
  • Flavonoids
  • Nonprotein Amino Acid
  • Proceroside
  • Procerageni
  • Pregnanes
  • Terpene

Various lingual names of Crown Flower- 

  • English : Crown flower, Sodom apple, Apple of Sodom, kapok tree
  • Hindi : Aak, Madar, Akvana
  • Sanskrit : Akhra, Vikirana, asfota, Alarka
  • Punjabi : Ak
  • Tamil : vellerukku
  • Telugu : Jilledu, Mandaram
  • Malayalam : Belerica, Bukam, Eri
  • Bengali : Aknad

Scientific Classification of Crown Flower

  • Kingdom : Plantae
  • Clade : Tracheophytes
  • Clade : Angiosperms
  • Clade : Eudicots
  • Clade : Asterids
  • Order : Gentianales
  • Family : Apocynaceae
  • Genus : Calotropis
  • Species : C. gigantea
  • Scientific name : Calotropis gigantea

Benefits and Uses of Crown Flower

  1. Treats Diabetes:

Crown flowers have anti-diabetic properties which are used to treat diabetes. It has prominent properties that increase insulin sensitivity. At the same time it produces in-body insulin. 

  1. Anti-inflammatory:

In assistance with the immune system when chemical compounds/elements are released in the body, it causes inflammation.  These elements are super reactive and get absorbed in the blood system to create a protective shield of the body from the bacteria. It increases blood circulation to the wounded or infected body areas. Redness, pain and swelling are some common symptoms of inflammation. In worse cases the body loses its work ability. Crown flower plants can treat such inflammation related diseases or health issues, for example – Gout, Rheumatism etc.

  1. Helps to get rid of Skin Blemishes:

The benefits of crown flower latex can be seen in treating skin related problems. Using this latex various skin diseases or problems can be treated. Apply this Latex in the affected part of the body (boil, wound etc.); it will help relieve the problem. The antioxidants present in crown flower plants are very helpful to remove skin problems.

  1. Helps in Bowel movement and Cures Diarrhea:

The crown flower plant is one of the best herbal cures for digestion related problems and at the same time it also boosts appetite. In different digestion problems like extreme gas and bloating stomach the miraculous benefits of crown flower plant can be seen. Along with this, to treat chronic diarrhea also this herbal plant is used.  It eases and balances stomach activities, increases digestion and helps to treat constipation.

  1. Improve the speed of healing and cures boils:

The milk-like substance found in the stems of crown flower plants called Latex carries wound healing capacity. Applying this Latex mixed with turmeric on the wounded part or boil/blisters occurring area will cure the problem.

  1. Excellent Vermifuge and uses in vomit therapy:

Many diseases can occur as a side effect of worm infection as the worms can survive on the undigested foods in our stomach. Increasing spread of worms can lead to abnormal weight loss, stomach ache, stomach inflammation, itching around anus and may show blood secretion in stool. The larvae worm affects the intestine extensively and sometimes enters in blood or liver. Uses and benefits of crown flower can be seen in treating this problem.  

The consumption of crown flower latex can lead to excessive vomiting; this is used in treatment of vomiting.  

  1. Cures blisters in feet:

To cure blisters occurring on feet crown flower latex is used. To get instant relief you can apply this latex on the spot of infection. 

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  1. Cures Ear pain:

Bacteria, viruses or fluids present in ears can lead to infections. Cold, allergies and sinusitis also can do the same. To get relief from this kind of ear infection or pain use crown flower leaf extract. Take the same quantity of crown flower leaf’s juicy extract and sesame oil. Mix asafetida, calamus, cinnamon powder and ¼ cloves of garlic in each 1 spoon of this mix. Let the liquid mix cool and let it pour down drop by drop into the ear hole.

  1. Cures Asthma:

Crown flower plant is considered to be the super herbal medicine for asthma. Take the middle part of about 14 crown flowers and add about 21 beads of black pepper, grind them together to make a paste-like consistency. You can make fritters of this mixture and eat one of it daily in the morning. You must take milk-rice as a meal after taking this herbal remedy. It will help relieve the asthma problem.  

  1. Acts as antidote to snake venom:

In ancient times, people have used crown flower plants as an antidote to snake poison. Latex of this plant was applied on the spot of snake bite and the victim was given the leaves of this plant to chew. Crown flower plant contains Hydro alcoholic extract which helps to reduce the harmful effects of snake venom.  

  1. Treats toothache:

The benefits of crown flower are also seen in relieving toothache. Applying latex to this plant gives instant relief from this problem.

  1. Treats skin disease:

Crown flower plants carry anti-fungal elements which help to treat diseases like Candida and Ringworm.

How to use Crown flower/Calotropis Gigantea?

  • For Diabetes, place the rough side of crown flower leaf facing towards the foot skin and wear socks above it for the whole day. Remove this just before going to bed at night and cleanse the feet with fresh water. Repeat this process continuously for some days; it will help to reduce blood sugar levels.
  • For inflammation relating diseases or health issues, apply the paste of crown flower leaves directly on the joint pain areas.  
  • In case of stomach inflammation, apply mustard oil on crown flower leaf and place it holding and pressing towards the stomach until it gets a little warm. Doing this will help relieve the problem.
  • In case of pneumonia pain, apply clarified butter on the crown flower leaf and place it on the area of pain and give the area some heat with a salt bag. 
  • To improve digestion take crown flower root powder. It increases appetite. 
  • The latex of crown flower is used to treat diarrhea

Though the herb is full of medicinal properties, people should be careful while taking this in health issues. If you are suffering any serious disease or health problems please consult your doctor before taking this herb as medicine. 

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Side Effects of Crown Flower/Calotropis Gigantea

High consumption of crown flower can be harmful for the body. The chemical elements present in this plant can result in stoppage of heart activity. Excessive intake of this herb can also lead to vomit, diarrhea, slow heartbeat, contractions and death. Therefore, use this herb carefully and wisely and with doctor’s advice (if suffering from any serious or lethal disease). 

  • Never give any extract of crown flower to the children. 
  • The latex of this plant should be used in a limited and needed amount because of its toxic effects.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid its consumption as it may lead to miscarriage. 


From the above article, you must have come to know about Crown flowers. The benefits of Crown flower, its chemical elements, different names, medicinal properties and also the side effects. We hope the information included in this article will help you in various diseases or health problems in different ways. Thank you!


1) How does the Crown flower grow?

A- Give about 1 inch of water to the Crown flower once a week so that the top 6 inches of soil is moist. Avoid the excess water and wet soil. Maintain a gap of 9 to 12 inches between plants to reduce fungal problems and leaf spots due to poor air circulation.

2) Is the Crown flower toxic?

A- All parts of this plant are toxic; there are many reports of gastrointestinal, cutaneous and ocular toxicity with crown flower plants. The plant contains cardenolide glycoside which has a digoxin-like effect and can cause severe Cardiotoxicity.

3) What is the use of Crown flower?

A- Despite severe toxicity, Crown flower is used for digestive disorders including diarrhea, constipation and stomach ulcers; for painful conditions including toothache, tightness, and joint pain; and for parasitic infections including elephantiasis and pests.

4) Can crown flower cause death?

A- When taken by mouth, the Crown flower is probably unsafe, especially in high doses. It contains chemicals that can interfere with heart function. This can lead to serious side effects including vomiting, diarrhea, slow heartbeat, contractions, and eventual death.

5) Where is the Crown flower found in India?

A- In India, Crown flowers are found from Punjab and Rajasthan and from Assam to Kanyakumari up to a height of 1050 metres. The Crown flower grows substantially in Rajasthan. This plant is found in the waste lands of Rajasthan and grows as weeds in agricultural lands.

 Disclaimer: The information included at HelthyLeaf is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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