15+ Incredible Health Benefits of Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots Benefits, Uses and Side Effects


Bamboo shoots are one of the most eaten indigenous foods of Assam. The taste of bamboo shoots is distinct. Bamboo shoots with jack fruit seeds is one of the popular summer foods in Northeastern states of India. Apart from its taste, Bamboo shoots also carry many benefits for our health.

benefits of bamboo shoots

Bamboo is a common plant with extraordinary properties. With its high growth rate and self-renewing capacity, bamboo stability is unparalleled. Bamboo shoots are sprouts emanating from bamboo trees. These sprouts of bamboo are edible. They are available in both fresh and fermented forms and are extremely nutritious. They are used in many Asian dishes. They are sold in different processed shapes, and are available in fresh, dry and canned versions. Bamboo shoots are usually peeled before use, as the exterior part contains wood, thick structures that are hard to chew and probably not good for health.

Benefits and Side Effects of Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo shoots are a delicacy in many Asian countries. Bamboo shoots help to prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Bamboo is an evergreen plant with a height of about 1-120 feet. The plant is hollow shaped with 0.25 inches-12 inches in diameter. The skin outside the bamboo is smooth. The leaves are decorated with flat, thin and smooth textures. Purple flowers bloom in spring and summer in bamboo trees. Bamboo stem is yellow which holds hard roots. Bamboo shoots are cone shaped, 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) long and 2 inches (6 cm) wide (in diameter). The shoots are yellow with brown marks. The taste is mild and bitter, acidic with sweet taste. The two main types of bamboo shoots are- winter bamboo shoots and spring bamboo shoots.

The following portions of this article will discuss and provide you some information about bamboo shoots benefits.

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Different Regional Names of Bamboo shoot:

  • Assamese : Baah Gaaj
  • Hindi : Baans
  • Tamil : Moongil, Kuruthu
  • Malayalam : Mulan Kombu
  • Telugu : VeduruChinguru
  • Marathi : Kalkipan
  • Odia : Baunsagaja
  • Assamese : Bahgaj, Khorisa
  • Bengali : Bansberankur

Nutritional value of per 100 g Bamboo shoots

  • Energy : 115 KJ (27Kcall)
  • Carbohydrate : 5.2g
  • Sugar : 3 g
  • Dietary fiber : 2.2g
  • Fat : 0.3g
  • Protein : 2.6g
  • Vitamin
    • Thiamine B1 : 0.15mg
    • Riboflavin B2 : 0.07mg
    • Niacin B3 : 0.06mg
    • Pantothenic acid B5 : 0.161mg
    • Vitamin B6 : 0.24mg
    • Folate B9 : 7 microgram
    • Vitamin C : 4mg
    • Vitamin E : 1mg
  • Minerals
    • Iron : 0.5mg
    • Manganese : 0.262mg
    • Phosphorus : 59mg
    • Potassium :  533 mg
    • Zinc : 1.1mg

Scientific Classification of Bamboo shoots

  • Kingdom : Plantae
  • Clade : Tracheophytes
  • Clade : Angiosperms
  • Clade : Monocots
  • Clade : Commelinids
  • Order : Poaceae
  • Family : Poaceae
  • Genus : Bambusa
  • Species : B. Vulgaris
  • Scientific name : Bambusa Vulgaris

Benefits of Bamboo shoots

1. Weight loss:

Bamboo shoots contain a negligible amount of carbohydrates, calories and sugars that help in weight loss. It fills the stomach for a long time, so it helps people lose weight.

2. Healthy heart:

Research has shown that bamboo shoots contain phytonutrients and phytosterols that help remove harmful cholesterol in the body leading to smooth flow of blood to the body. 

3. Maintains cholesterol:

Bamboo shoot intake helps in reducing cholesterol levels LDL by balancing glucose levels. It contains a small amount of fat and calories. Research has shown that taking bamboo shoots has a positive effect on the functioning of the intestines, lipids and cholesterol.

4. Prevents Cancer:

Studies have shown that bamboo shoot leaves contain phytosterols such as amylase, flavons and chlorophyll that control changes and cancer. 

5. Increases immunity:

Bamboo shoots contain minerals and vitamins that help improve the body’s immune system. The presence of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins intensifies the body from the inside as well as outside. 

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6. High amount of dietary fiber:

The diet found in bamboo shoots helps in digestion and facilitates bowel movement. It helps in weight loss due to high presence of fiber and low calories.

7. Anti-inflammatory:

Research has shown that bamboo shoots have analgesic and anti- inflammatory properties that help treat ulcers. The juice extracted from bamboo shoots helps in ulcers and external lesions.

8. Healthy bowels:

Bamboo shoots are rich in diet and are essential to eat enough food. Therefore, including bamboo shoots in your diet can help in proper bowel movements and also reduce bloating.

9. Anti-toxic: 

In India, juice extracted from bamboo shoots works against poisoning, especially in the case of bites of snakes, scorpions and other poisonous animals. Ayurveda suggests eating bamboo juice and applying it locally to exapprogate toxins.

10. Induce uterine contractions: 

The benefits of bamboo shoots can be seen in pregnancy as it can help in normal delivery by controlling uterine contraction. Traditional Chinese medicine advises pregnant women in the last months of pregnancy to include bamboo dishes in small quantities for the convenience of normal delivery.

11. Respiratory disease:  

Bamboo shoots effectively treat respiratory diseases. A disactan made from bamboo shoots should be taken with honey. Twice the shoots can be boiled in water and used by making a disactan.

12. Stomach Health: 

Bamboo shoots help treat stomach disorders. Bamboo leaves are an aid for eliminating intestinal worms and stomach ailments.

13. Cleans wounds:

Bamboo shoots are used to clean wounds.

14. Regulates blood pressure:

Bamboo shoots can provide a lot of potassium which is an essential electrolyte for maintaining blood pressure as well as reducing high blood pressure.

15. Anti-diabetic:

Bamboo shoots are very beneficial for diabetic patients due to high fiber and low fat content in it. As the diet helps in absorbing insulin from the body it is monitored.

16. Anti-oxidant:

Bamboo shoots are rich in other minerals such as flavonoids, tannins, and selenium. So eating tender bamboo shoots helps in free radical testing of the body and keeps the body healthy and cancer-resistant.

17. Maintains hemoglobin levels:

Bamboo shoots are rich in iron, so, it helps to restore blood hemoglobin levels and hence is very beneficial for anemic individuals, pregnant women, growing children and women who have passed through the menopause stage.

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Uses of Bamboo Shoot

We can use bamboo shoots in different ways. Bamboo shoots can be fried in oil, boiled and also can be used to make curry or mixed with a variety of vegetables to make other dishes. Bamboo shoots can be added to salad and also can be added to a variety of meats dishes. Different types of bamboo pickles can be made. Especially when bamboo shoots are mixed with ghost pepper to make pickles the taste is distinct, besides making ‘kharisa’ from bamboo shoots. Its juice can be extracted from bamboo shoots and used. Bamboo shoots can also be used differently in curing diseases.

Special Precaution and Warning

  • There are no sufficient reliable sources to assure the safety of the consumption of bamboo shoots during pregnancy. So, it is suggested to consult your doctor if you face/feel any discomfort after eating the veggie. 
  • Thyroid disorders, such as – very low thyroid function (Hypothyroidism), increased thyroid gland (Goiters), or prolonged use of bamboo shoots if there are thyroid tumors can make these conditions worse.


With the above article, you must have got a common introduction to the benefits of bamboo shoots along with the related information. We hope the information mentioned in the article will benefit you in various ways. Thank you!


1/ Is bamboo shoots good for diabetes?

Ans: Bamboo shoots are a powerhouse of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and minerals. These shoots are very low in fat and sugar making it an ideal snack for diabetics.

 2/ What are the benefits of eating bamboo shoots?

Ans: Modern research has revealed that bamboo shoots have several health benefits. Improve appetite and digestion, lose weight, and cure cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Bamboo shoots are reported to have anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and antiviral activities.

 3/ Why are bamboo shoots bad for you?

Ans. Bamboo shoots contain toxic cyanide compounds and are considered goitrogenic.

4/ Can you eat bamboo?

Ans: You can enjoy the cooked bamboo shoots in a safe quantity as part of a healthy diet.

 5/ Do bamboo shoots strengthen immunity?

Ans: Due to the stock of vitamins and minerals, these bamboo saps help in boosting immunity. Eat these during monsoon and winter to avoid viral and bacterial infections. Healthy ingredients help in sharpen brain activity and prevent the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

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