10 Medicinal Uses and Benefits of Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil Benefits, Processing of the oil, Description, Medicinal Properties, Beneficial Uses, Possible Side effects, Precautions and FAQ

What is Avocado oil?

Avocado oil is an edible oil used for cooking. This oil is made from avocado fruits. This oil is used in lubricants and cosmetics.

Avocado oil benefits

The main benefits of this avocado oil are- its moisturizing and restructuring characteristics compared to other oils. The high smoke point of crude and refined oil makes it a very good cooking oil and the smoke point of the refined oil depends on its refining standards.

Avocado oil Benefits and Uses

Avocado oil is used for cooking as well as for cosmetics. Avocado oil is used extensively in making skin ointments. This is because; it penetrates easily into the skin, having high absorption rates. Its thickness also fits with skin diseases, such as skin eczema treatment. Avocado oil can be used as an eye skin cream to remove thick circles under the eyes. Avocado oil is used as hair oil – used as single oil or also mixed with other oils.

The following article will hold some important discussion about the benefits of Avocado oil and related things. 

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Health Benefits of Avocado Oil

  1. Prevents Bloating

Some people suffer from heartburn. Indigestion can be prevented by using avocado oil in cooking. The energy level in the body will improve after using this oil, and it will also bring health benefits. The chances of disease caused by poor indigestion are low.

  1. Rich in Fatty Acid

Avocado oil is full of nutrients and means that the body uses these nutrients to keep our body healthy by converting fat. So this oil is used in salad dressings, and is said to be beneficial for the body.

  1. Avocado oil contains Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is abundant in the form of magnesium which is present in avocado oil. It helps in detoxifying the body. Liver and kidneys contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury that enter the body through environmental pollution. For such situations, avocado oil helps in removing these toxic ingredients from the body and keeping the body clean.

  1. Helps in Skin Growth

Avocado oil has benefits in developing new skin, as it is rich in potassium and lecithin as compared to other oils.

  1. for Hair Growth

Hair growth is improved to a higher level when avocado oil is used in the scalp. This oil can be applied to the scalp alone or mixed with other oils and applied to the scalp.

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  1. Healing Properties

Regular use of avocado oil can reduce many skin diseases such as inflammation and itching. This oil is also useful in the treatment of dandruff. Applying this oil can cure cracked ankles and insect bites. Also, eczema is cured by using this oil.

Psoriasis and sunburn are controlled when this avocado oil is applied to the infected area. This oil is very beneficial for skin diseases like eczema.

The healing of the injury is rapid lying through regular use of avocado oil. Applying bug bites or other insect bites makes the skin heal faster.

  1. Avocado oil Improves Eyesight

Avocado oil is beneficial for the eyes which are high in lutein. Using this oil can control general age related problems such as cataracts and other muscle degradation. This lutin is not prepared by the body and should be supplied to the body following the right diet. Avocado oil is used extensively to remove under eye dark circles.

  1. Avocado oil help in Inflammation

Painful inflammation of the joint (arthritis), can be controlled using avocado oil regularly. It is beneficial for reducing stiffness in joints. Avocado oil properties benefit from preventing gum diseases as a result of reducing painful inflammation, such as bleeding and reddening of the gum etc.

  1. Fights High Blood Pressure

For high levels of potassium and vitamin E, avocado oil is excellent for improving blood vessels.  It supports the balance of hormones in the kidneys, which is largely responsible for maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

  1. Improves Heart Health

Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure improves heart health, but avocado oil can help reverse inflammatory procedures associated with cardiovascular risk. One study found that mice that ate sugar and supplemented avocado oil were less likely to suffer from heart diseases than mice that consumed sugar without supplements.

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Uses of Avocado Oil

Here are a few ways you can use avocado oil:

  • You can simply add a tablespoon to your smoothie.
  • Drizzle over your salads.
  • Use as marinade for grilled meat.
  • Include it while baking.
  • Add in your homemade mayo.
  • You can add some drops of avocado oil while making soups.

It can also be used as a lotion for the skin. Massage with a good amount of avocado oil on your skin after taking a bath. Add a few drops of it to one of your daily body lotions. Cosmetics made from avocado oil can be used to improve skin and hair health.

Side Effects of Avocado Oil

For some people, avocado oil has been found to cause allergic reactions and itching on skin. In some cases, red rashes have developed in many parts of the skin. 

  • People with hypersensitivity and pregnant women are advised to avoid avocado oil. 
  • Some people develop fever and gastrointestinal disorders due to the intake of avocado oil. 
  • Latex sensitive people are also advised not to use avocado oil.

NOTE:  Avocado oil should be used in the right quantity keeping in view its benefits and disadvantages as excessive use of any product can harm our health. The above mentioned information is provided only for general knowledge based on the information. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using avocado oil in curing the disease.


The information included above about the benefits of using avocado oil are only for knowledge purposes and based on trusted sources and studies. Please approach a doctor or specialist if you face any side effects from using it. 

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1/ Is it healthy to eat avocado oil every day?

Ans: Avocado oil is heart-healthy oil, high oleic acid, which is an unsaturated fat. It contains vitamin E and also helps the body absorb other fat-soluble vitamins. Avocado oil is a good source of monounsaturated fats that have been linked to reducing cholesterol LDL and increasing cholesterol HDL.

2/ What if you eat avocado oil?

Ans: Vitamins, minerals and monounsaturated fatty acids present in avocado oil sachets help improve digestion, which helps you process food more efficiently. 

Increases nutrient absorption High amounts of psycho-saturated fats found in avocado oil sap your body to absorb many major fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients.

3/ Is avocado oil good for your brain?

Ans: Avocado oil is mainly made up of monounsaturated fats, and some studies have shown this fat to improve memory, learning and general brain function. Avocado oil can increase healthy blood flow and help control your cholesterol.

4/ Is avocado oil good for cholesterol?

Ans: For high levels of monounsaturated oleic acid content, avocado oil is the best food for reducing cholesterol.

5/ Is avocado oil anti-inflammatory?

Ans: Avocado pale green oil contains monounsaturated fat, which can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Research also suggests that avocado oil has anti-inflammatory effects, reducing CRP. It is a good source of antioxidant vitamin E.

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