Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – Definition, Types, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

People around us could suffer from mental and physical disorders which we might overlook. There are diseases like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that are very uncomfortable for the patient, but other people think they are weird.

Everyone must know about mental and developmental diseases, not just patients. That’s why we have written detailed information about ASD, where you will get all the vital information about this disease. We also have discussed the ASD Treatment and symptoms.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

ASD is a developmental disorder caused by abnormal changes in the brain. The exact reason for ASD is still unknown, but some ASD patients have some genetic condition. So mostly, doctors relate ASD to genetic disorders.

Patients with ASD have behavioral differences than ordinary people. They can’t communicate, interact and learn like others and struggle doing most of their activities. The major reason for this behavior is a lack of confidence and interest.

Types of ASD

ASD is divided into five major groups. This classification is based on the severity of the Autism. These five Types of Autism have different symptoms and signs as well. Doctors prefer to diagnose and identify the exact type of ASD before starting the treatment.

We have discussed the five Autism types below. Read them carefully. This will help you with your ASD Diagnosis or someone you know who suffers from it.

Asperger Syndrome

This ASD type is also known as level 1 spectrum disorder. People with this type of Autism are more intelligent than average but are not socially confident and interact with others.

Another sign of Asperger’s Autism is that they cannot switch between different activities simultaneously. They are usually more focused on one thing and cannot perform multiple actions. They are also very shy and introverted.

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

This autism type is more heartbreaking for the parents as it doesn’t appear in kids at a younger age. This ASD Disorder occurs between the ages of 3 to 10. The cause of this type is said to be the neurobiological growth of kids.

This autism type is more common in boys than girls. Even according to some studies, out of 10 cases, 9 will be boys, and only 1 will be girls. This Autism causes loss of toileting skills, learned vocabulary, and social behavior and skills.

Classic Autism

This type, also known as Kanner’s Syndrome, is the most common type of Autism. It mostly affects the communication and social skills of the person. Children with this Autism type look very attentive and attractive as well.

People with this classic Autism have communication problems. They have uncontrolled speech and mostly fumble while speaking. They are obsessed with handling objects independently and have a great memory.

Pervasive Development Disorder not Otherwise Specified

PDD-NOS is a very uncommon type of Autism with very Mild Autism Symptoms. Kids who have this condition are just inactive in most of the activities. They struggle to develop social and language skills.

Kids with PDD-NOS learn things very late. They might struggle to learn new words or any other skill. They also can’t learn to walk properly for a few years. Most people ignore this condition because of the lack of apparent symptoms of Autism.

Rett Syndrome

The Rett syndrome is very rare and is connected to neurodevelopmental disorder. Rett Autism in Adult Women and little girls is more compared to the body. This person with Rett might have a challenging life ahead, but things could get easier with family support.

Some common signs of this autism type are difficulty in everyday movements and walking. The patient might also struggle with usual communication and speech. Another very rare effect of Rett’s Autism is difficulty in breathing.

What Causes Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Doctors suggest some reasons why a kid can develop ASD. These causes are inaccurate, but in most cases, these factors are similar in every kid. We have shared some of the possible reasons for Autism Spectrum below.

  • The major cause of ASD is Genetical conditions. This condition is heredity and can run in families.
  • There is a high chance that the kid will have ASD if one of the parents has this condition already.
  • If a person has some Genetical disorder like Fragile X syndrome, the possibility of developing ASD is higher.
  • Parents must understand that none of the vaccination at an early age causes ASD.
  • Improper growth of certain parts of the brain during pregnancy can cause ASD in the future.
  • A weak immune system is another cause of developing Autistic tendencies.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms

The Signs of Autism are very clear. An autistic patient can be identified easily based on his behavior, lifestyle, and response in public. Also, some patients have mild symptoms, while others might have very intense signs. This depends on the type and severity of Autism the patient has. 

We have discussed a few of the major Symptoms of Autism below.

  • Communication Problems: A very major sign of Autism is that the patient doesn’t have any communication skills. They are uncomfortable speaking to new people and mostly avoid your questions.
  • Language Delay: Even though Autistic patients are very smart and have a strong memory, they tend to be delayed in leering language skills. This is because they are not interested in chatting most of the time.
  • Restricted Interest: An autistic patient cannot focus on multiple tasks at a time. They are mostly focused on doing only one thing and cannot do multi-tasks at the same time.
  • Social Interaction Difficulties: The most apparent symptom of Autism is difficulty in social interaction. Most of the time, they are very uncomfortable around new people and are not openly interested in social meetings.
  • Intellectual Disability: In some cases, especially in the PDD-NOS Autism type, the patient lacks sharp intellect. They struggle to do most of the activities and might not learn how to speak or walk for some years.
  • Sensory Sensitivities: If the Autism is intense, like PDA Autism, the person becomes sensitive to certain factors like sound, smell, texture, taste, or visuals. They might react negatively to these things.

Therapy for Autism

The doctor suggests therapy to the Autistic patient. And therapy has proven effective in helping patients learn new skills and improve their social life. 

Getting proper therapy sessions and one that patient needs regular Autism might change into High Functioning Autism. The patient will be able to do most of his activities on his own, and the symptoms of Autism will become mild.

Some of the therapies the patient can follow are discussed below.

Behavioral Therapy

The doctor and specialists highly recommend this therapy for early autistic patients. This therapy helps the patient develop the required skills to deal with challenging behavior. 

This therapy teaches the patient how to deal with uncomfortable situations and follow the guidelines and instructions. Kids are also trained to deal with emotional changes positively.

Early Intervention

This therapy is very much needed for kids. They need to learn skills early to deal with the difficult challenges of their life as soon as possible. Patients who have this therapy sooner are more likely to deal with social behaviors easily.

A few other therapies, like behavioral and occupational therapy, are also included in the early intervention. These therapies help kids learn important things at an early age of their life.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a great way to teach autistic patients to handle things and learn new things. In this therapy, the goal is to help patients learn skills to deal with their normal daily activities.

Some primary skills, like handling utensils, eating independently, dressing, etc., are taught in this therapy. This therapy also improves the fine and gross motor skills of the person.

Speech Therapy

Autistic patients mostly struggle with their speech skills. Most cases, the autistic kid cannot talk for long, doesn’t learn the language, or might forget the words. In these cases, speech therapy is extremely helpful.

In this therapy, the focus is to help the patient maintain a conversation. He learns new words and phrases and how to look into the eyes when talking to someone. 

Social Skill Training

One of the most common Autism Symptoms Adults and kids have is bad social skills. They are mostly uncomfortable in social meetings and gatherings. Ad for these cases, Social Skill training is highly important.

In this therapy, the focus is to help the patient be more comfortable in social gatherings. Specialists help kids to be more comfortable around other people and how to start new conversations as well.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

ASD is mainly connected with genetic health and development, so no treatments are available for this condition. However, there are some medications and activities that help reduce Autism Symptoms.

We will discuss three of the usual treatment types doctors suggest to Autistic patients. Also, asking your doctor before taking any treatment or medication would be best.

Medical Treatment

Medications don’t cure Autism; however, they can help by reducing the signs and effects of Autism like aggression, anxiety, irritation, etc. These medications are primarily antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills.

These medications help by improving the mood, lowering the stress rate, and helping control emotions. Some of the medicines commonly available for Autism are listed below. Make sure to ask your doctor before taking any of these pills.

  • Buspirone
  • Fluoxetine
  • Olanzapine
  • Risperidone

Ayurvedic Treatment

Like the brand name drugs, there is no scientific proof that Ayurvedic medications are helpful with Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment. These Ayurvedic medicine help with improving communication skills and repetitive behavior.

We have listed some major Ayurvedic medicines and herbs autistic patients can use. However, make sure to consult with your doctor before taking any of these Ayurvedic medicines.

Exercise Treatment

Exercising has been proven to be beneficial for ASD patients. Doing some sort of exercise helps with reducing stress and enhancing mood. Also, exercise is helpful for patients with physical difficulty.

The exercise can be simple, and try to do activities that keep you happy. Please don’t go for weight training as it will not be as beneficial as other simple activities. Some exercises doctors suggest are:

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Dancing
  • Bike Riding
  • Swimming

Dealing With an Autistic Patient

The autistic patient is very insecure and disturbed, so it is important that we deal with them carefully and don’t panic them. If your kid has Autism, you should be gentle with him and try to be supportive. 

Some tips for parents which helps their children deal with ASD more effectively. We have shared some guidelines below. You can follow them to help your autistic kid.

  • The most important thing to dealing with an ASD patient is patience. You must let them take time to understand things.
  • Be clearer about things you say to them. Be in detail so they understand you better.
  • Connect with your kid emotionally so they can share all their problems and emotional changes with you. 
  • Educate yourself about Adult Autism Diagnosis, Treatments, types, and symptoms.
  • Use visuals to educate the ASD kid. They will learn faster and more easily through pictures and visuals.
  • Be encouraging towards your kid and try to motivate them all the time.


Some preventions can help with ASD and lower the risk of this disorder in the underdeveloped baby during pregnancy. You can follow the precautions listed below. They have been effective and helpful.

  • The ASD mother should follow a healthy diet and get all eth required nutrients.
  • Get parental care early to treat any possible health problem in the baby.
  • During pregnancy, take folic acid. It has vitamin B and helps lower the risk of ASD.
  • Breastfeeding reduces the risk of ASD in the newborn.
  • Get early intervention therapy to reduce the Autism signs. 

Bottom Line

All health conditions are equally important and worth the Treatment, but some disorders, like Autism Spectrum Disorder, require extra care. The autistic patient is always worried about themselves and their surroundings, so we must make them as comfortable as possible.

Parents should focus on providing the necessary ASD Treatment for their kids. Contact the doctor and let him know about the changes and improvements in your kid. And always ask your doctor before giving any ASD medicine to your kid.

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