Incredible Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented juice from crushed apples. Apple cider vinegar has two main ingredients: acetic acid, citric acid. Apple cider vinegar is an acidic, sour-flavored substance made from fermented apples. 

Apple cider vinegar health

Crushed apples mixed with water and yeast are kept at room temperature for at least 30 days. During this period, the yeast converts the sugars from apples into alcohol. Bacteria then turn alcohol into vinegar. People have been using apple cider vinegar to enhance the taste of food and to preserve food for centuries. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits and Uses

Apple cider vinegar also has many medicinal properties. Some research suggests that it may have several health benefits, including blood sugar control, weight control, and improved cholesterol level.

The following article discusses the health benefits of Apple cider vinegar and related information.

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Nutritional Value of per 100g of Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Energy- 90 kj
  • Carbohydrate- 0.93g
  • Sugar- 0.40g
  • Calcium- 7mg
  • Iron- 0.20mg
  • Magnesium- 5mg
  • Phosphorus- 8mg
  • Potassium- 73mg
  • Sodium- 5mg
  • Zinc- 0.04mg
  • Water- 93.81g

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Helping with Weight loss

Apple cider vinegar contains a lot of amino acids and polyphenol compounds that reduce carbohydrate absorption in the intestine. In addition, it is rich in pectin, a soluble fiber that fills the stomach and increases satisfaction while reducing appetite. Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which prevent fat storage.

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  1. Treats Reflux

Although it is an acidic food, apple cider vinegar helps balance the stomach’s P.H, fighting against the reflux symptoms such as heartburn and swelling. 

  1. Helps controlling Diabetes

Some studies have shown that apple cider vinegar helps in controlling diabetes as it is made up of fiber that helps in reducing carbohydrate absorption, and, consequently, helps to control blood sugar growth after meals.

In addition, some studies have reported that apple cider vinegar can help improve insulin function and reduce glucose production in the liver, which helps in controlling diabetes. To gain that benefit of apple cider vinegar it must be part of a healthy, balanced diet, and the treatment must be continued.

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  1. Improves Digestion

Apple cider vinegar is rich in fiber and acids such as acetic acid and chlorogenic acid, apple cider vinegar helps in the digestion of food. Therefore, apple cider vinegar can be used to help prevent digestive problems, protect the stomach, improve digestion, and reduce bloating after eating.

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  1. Protects against Cardiovascular Diseases

Due to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, apple cider vinegar is capable of preventing fat accumulation in the walls of arteries, and hence it helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis. 

In addition, apple cider vinegar can help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, as well as control blood pressure, which means it reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. 

  1. Protects the Liver

Apple cider vinegar contains a restraint of acid, including gecic, lactic, melic, and citric acid, which works directly on the liver and improves its function. This acid helps in reducing fat storage in the liver, and, as a result, prevents the development of fatty liver disease.

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  1. Prevents Yeast and Bacterial Infections

Some scientific studies show that apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial properties that can reduce the spread of some microorganisms naturally present in the body, but being at higher concentrations can lead to infections, such as candida albican, E. coli or staphylococcus aureus. These yeasts and bacteria are associated with urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, and skin infections. 

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  1. Fights Aging Signs

Polyphenols present in apple cider vinegar have strong antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals, improve skin quality and reduce age. 

  1. Improves Heart Health

Apple cider vinegar works wonders on cholesterol, digestion and blood sugar. It is widely believed that apple cider vinegar can fight heart disease. However, more research is needed on this.

  1. Improves Skin Quality

Most acne and skin problems are related to hormones, bowel health and blood purification. Apple cider vinegar is known to help reduce all three problems and improve skin quality. Apple cider vinegar is recommended to apply directly on skin.

  1. Soothes Sore Throat

Apple cider vinegar is known to have antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which is why it works really well due to sore throat. Mixing half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with hot water and gargle with it can help calm and recover more quickly from sore throat.

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Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used while preparing different types of food items and various drinks.

Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar

Consuming apple cider vinegar through food is likely to be safe. It is probably safe in the short term if used as a medicine. But it is probably unsafe when used in large quantities, long-term. Consuming large amounts of apple cider vinegar for a long term can cause problems like low levels of potassium. The side effects of excessive consumption of apple cider vinegar are –

  • May Cause tooth decay
  • Low Potassium levels
  • Gastrointestinal problem
  • It can cause skin burn
  • Low blood sugar levels

NOTE: Apple cider vinegar should be used in the right quantity keeping in view the benefits and disadvantages of it as excessive use of any product can harm our health. The above mentioned information is provided only for general knowledge based on the information.

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The information included above about the benefits of using Apple cider vinegar are only for knowledge purposes and based on trusted sources and studies. Please approach a doctor or specialist if you face any side effects from using it. 

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1/ Who should not consume apple cider vinegar?

Ans: In fact, apple cider vinegar is known to prevent diabetes, but when you already take diabetes medication or insulin, avoid eating apple cider vinegar. These drugs lower your blood sugar levels and when combined with apple cider vinegar, your blood sugar can be extremely low.

2/ What if apple cider vinegar is consumed every night?

Ans: Apple cider vinegar can provide various benefits, such as weight loss, blood sugar control, and antibacterial effects, lack of study on drinking it just before bedtime. Moreover, consuming it can lead to nausea, indigestion, anabole erosion of your teeth, and exchange with certain medications.

3/ Can apple cider vinegar be consumed on an empty stomach?

Ans: Drinking it right after eating: You may think eating apple cider vinegar after food can help you lose weight. But it is not healthy at all, in fact it can delay your digestion process. Eating apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach maximizes health benefits and increases the ability to process food.

4/ Is apple cider vinegar good for your liver and kidneys?

Ans: Apple cider vinegar can even help reduce pain and inflammation from kidney stones. It helps in ridding the body of toxins and excess minerals which can lead to kidney stones. According to some, apple cider vinegar has a clear effect on the kidneys and liver.

5/ What happens to your body when you eat apple cider vinegar every day?

Ans: Eating apple cider vinegar is associated with health benefits, consuming large amounts of food per day can be dangerous and is associated with low blood potassium levels and osteoporosis.

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